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    77 Days of Summer


    We have only 77 days of our Summer Break and why not make the best of it. They are only young once and this summer is my very last summer before my little guy heads off to kindergarten. So this summer had better be jammed packed full of fun and exciting things!   I have complied a list of some fun daily activities to do and try to have a little fun this summer. My kids are ages 6, almost 7, and 5 so some of the items are more for the younger bunch.  


    1. Have a Lemonade or Sweet Tea Stand

    2. Have a Water Balloon Fight

    3. Create an obstacle course in the back yard

    4. Camp out in the living room

    5. Have a movie night outside

    6. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

    7. Visit the library for Story Time

    8. Have a puppet show

    9. Visit the library for summer camp activities

    10. Go Star Gazing

    11. Visit the Science Museum

    12. Draw and play with side walk chalk

    13. Head to the farmers market and pick up some fresh fruits and veggies

    14. See a movie at the $1.00 theater

    15. Fly kites

    16. Make an indoor fort

    17. Make homemade snow cones

    18. Go on a bug hunt

    19. Catch lightening bugs

    20. Have a party. Just for fun

    21. Have a hula hoop contest

    22. Movie night in the living room

    23. Visit the Aquarium

    24. Visit a train or aviation museum

    25. Start a garden

    26. Make smores

    27. Roast hot dogs

    28. Make ice cream

    29. Visit a park never been to before

    30. Go Bowling

    31. Create a kid friendly game show

    32. Visit a petting zoo

    33. Bake cookies for a neighbor

    34. Create moon sand

    35. Have some science experiments

    36. Ride go carts

    37. Play Laser Tag

    38. Play in the rain

    39. Play in the sprinklers

    40. Paint a picture

    41. Play hide and seek

    42. Learn how to skip rocks

    43. Visit an orchard

    44. Try a new food

    45. Take a road trip to see a road side attraction

    46. Have a picnic in the front yard

    47. Go fishing

    48. Visit a splash park

    49. Go swimming

    50. Feed the ducks

    51. Wash the car

    52. Have a 3 legged race

    53. Watch fireworks

    54. Make homemade pasta

    55. Make root beer floats

    56. Go to a drive in movie

    57. Play Twister

    58. Create and play a life size board game

    59. Be a tourist in your own city

    60. Visit the arboretum

    61. Bake an apple pie

    62. Have a dance party

    63. Go to the beach

    64. Visit a national park

    65. Go to an arcade

    66. No electronics for the whole day

    67. Ride a paddle boat

    68. See a play or performance at the local community theater

    69. Ride bikes/scooters

    70. Have a stay-cation 

    71. Exchange/sell old unused video games for new ones.

    72. Check out books at the library

    73. Visit a pet shop

    74. Have a pie eating contest. No hands allowed.

    75. Ride a horse

    76. Attend a concert in the park

    77. Celebrate everything!!!


    For more fun things to do this summer, check out the list of 100 things to do in the summer I posted last year HERE.

    Have a wonderful summer!!! 


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