Fodeez {Product Review}

If there is one thing I am always striving for, it’s organization.  No matter what I simply cannot manage my time well.  I bet my mom heard that a lot too when I was in school.  “She is a good student, but she talks to much and doesn’t manage her time well”, is how I’m guessing the teacher conversation went down.  It’s so true though.  I try and I try, but nothing I do sticks with me and within 24 hours, I’m back to my dysfunctional, disorganized life.  I love paper and pens {I have an addiction to them actually}, but I never use them for anything other than jotting down a million and a half notes that I leave all over the house.  Notes that I actually forget! LOL


I did take part in a blog challenge {the A to Z Challenge} last month for the first time.  What you were required to do was create a blog post for every day of the week and the month would start with A and the month would end with Z.  I was so excited about it because I had been lacking in the blog department, but with this challenge, I was inspired to speak!  Speak about anything!  SO, I printed off a blank calendar, started with April first which was the letter A and labeled each day with the appropriate letter.  Then I sat there and figured out what each letter represented to me and I wrote that down on the day.  I left the calendar on my desk and it kept getting buried under a pile of unwanted papers and bills.  Every day I’d have to dig through the rubble to find the calendar.


fodeez amazing new calendar


Then I received the Fodeez Amazing New Calendar {$8.99}.  Now you can use this super cool calendar in a number of ways.  You can print out your calendar from a calendar app, or you can do what I did and just print out a blank calendar page so you can just keep using the same page over and over.  How you ask?  It is dry erase!  I love dry erase!  


I placed the Fodeez Amazing New Calendar on my desk right next to my mouse.  I took my blank calendar and wrote on the top, BLOG POST SCHEDULE and wrote the days of the week underneath.  Then, I slid the blank calendar under it and pressed down.  Now I have a calendar to schedule all my blog posts so I can see what I’m doing, when!  It is also great because if I decide I don’t like it there, or it just isn’t working there for me, I can move it because it is removable too!


fodeez amazing new calendar


I also received a smaller one {shown in first photo posted $3.99} and I’m not sure if I want to put them one on the fridge with a photo of the kids underneath,  just so I can make funny faces on them.  Or, I might print up a little note for items we need from the store and slip it under the frame, or just leave it as is and we can write notes to each other on it.  OR, if I’m feeling really nice, I’ll share and give it to my daughter {nahhhh}.  Either way, I am thoroughly enjoying this product.  It’s practical for me and it may just be a simple enough way to get me to stay a bit more organized.  I do have my dry erase menu board that I still update every week and I’ve been doing that for over a year now!  So my lesson, being organized doesn’t mean you have to be boring, find a way to make staying organized fun and it doesn’t seem as bad as you once thought.  Go take a quick visit to and tell me, doesn’t it make you want to get all creative and place the peel & stick frames all over your house? 😀