{A-Z} A=April Fool’s!

April Fool’s Day



Yes, the Universe was playing one ginormous April’s Fools joke on me!

Today, my oldest woke me up at 6:35am to let me know that she “might have missed the bus, there’s no one out there waiting”, might have?  What do you mean, might have?  Either you did or you didn’t, right?  I told her in my groggy morning mom voice, “Well, go double check to make sure no one is outside waiting and if not, I’ll take you”, so down the stairs she went.  Then a few moments later I hear a soft, “There’s one person out there, bye….” and the door closes!  UGH ok, well back to bed for me.


Not so fast!  It’s now 7:00am and my son’s alarm doesn’t go off.  Usually I hear it at 6:45, then close to 6:55 and then I hear him getting ready and closing the door.  Today I didn’t hear anything.  So…I get out of bed and make my way with one eye open to my sons room where he is sound asleep.  Are you kidding me?  “Scott, didn’t your alarm go off?”, he replies, “I don’t think so”….and his head hits the pillow.  Uhm, time to get up dude….your bus is coming in 20 minutes!  And…back to bed for me.  7:21am the front door closes.  Ahhhh…I get to sleep another 40 minutes before child number 3 has to make her way to school.


It’s now 8:55am and we are getting ready to go to school.  I carpool so I had another little girl with us and just as we were getting into my husbands truck, she lets out this loud scream and says “My finger, my finger” and she has her hand up and I am stuck between the truck and the side of the garage that has a billion things in the way so my journey back to her felt like an eternity!  Finally I get to her and run her back to her house so she can get taken care of.  I felt horrible as did my daughter.  She was almost in tears because she didn’t even realize that she closed the truck door and the way the other girl got in the truck, it was just a flook thing I guess, but I was worried about the little girl all day!  Ugh….race Gianna to school.


Almost late for work…so hungry…need to go to the dentist.

I had to go to the dentist because I broke my crown…I felt a bit like humpty dumpty at the dentists office, only I was on the verge of having a panic attack there with my mouth wide open.  He was drilling and drilling and drilling and I didn’t think I’d hear that drill stop!  My jaw hurt and I almost bit his finger as I adjusted my jaw.  I swear, it was going to get stuck open!  Then, the more I thought about my jaw getting stuck, that was all I could think about!  So, what’s a girl to do?  Count the little squared openings in the ceiling that covered the light.  On my estimations there were about 2,000 little openings for the fluorescent lighting above my head.  I swear, dentists should have tv’s mounted flat on the ceiling for people to watch!  So, finally after almost 1.5 hours in the dentist chair, I’m done!  Phew!


I get home.  There’s no milk.  Great, now I have to go out again and get milk! I have 20 minutes before I have to get Gianna from school, I think I can make it!  I run over to CVS and grabbed a gallon of milk.  The lady in front of me had a cart full of stuff, and in my mind, I’m thinking, I hope she isn’t couponing because I know from experience that it takes an extra long time!  Much to my amazement, she told the cashier to let me go, that she didn’t mind.  Oh, thank you lady!  I told her that was the best thing that’s happened to me all day!  The universe was screaming to me…hahaha….April Fool’s…today is the day to mess with you and you can’t do anything about it! HAHAHA!  After I said that the cashier said, “I’m going to make your day even better!  I’m giving you $1.50 back in ECB’s!  Now you have to come back and shop here!”  Wow, has my day improved???  YES! YES IT HAS!!!  When I got home, I had a lovely chat with my Baby Swags client, Tiffany from bebepodpants.com and then made a delicious dinner and spent a good hour and a half just chatting and catching up, laughing and playing April Fool’s pranks on one another!  


All in all, April Fools Day — I’m glad we won’t see you for another year!


8 thoughts on “{A-Z} A=April Fool’s!

  1. That is quite a day!!! Happy April fools! I don’t have kids, but I can only imagine the chaos 😉

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I bookmarked your blog and followed you Facebook! I’m excited to read more 🙂

  2. I hate April Fool’s Day. I always vow to not trust people on that day & then yet always seem to fall for something. This year it was that my boss was resigning at the end of the year.

  3. Oh gosh, that sounds like a crazy day. I already had a good day and when I went to the store next to my apartment to get a drink, the cashier was like “Got a dollar? No change. Just a dollar. Have a nice day.” I mean, it was barely anything at all, but it still made me smile.

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