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    {A-Z} C is for Craft Day!

    It’s craft time!


    DIY Spring Wreath


    Today I made a Spring Wreath for my front door.  I scoured Pinterest to try and find something Spring-ish or Easter-ish but I didn’t see anything I liked so then I thought why not just walk around Michaels and see what pops out at me.  So, this past weekend the kids and I headed to the store and I started with a twig looking wreath that I was going to attach some flowers, but I decided I didn’t like the look of fake flowers.  So I thought maybe I would just attach some Easter eggs and some greenery, but that just said “blah” to me.  Then I walked past the end cap of one of the aisles and saw all the burlap rolls and thought why not just arrange a bunch of different colors to make it look fluffy…yes, that is a technical crafting word…fluffy.


    DIY Spring Wreath


    I started out with a green 12″ Styrofoam ring, four different colors of spring burlap colors and a bigger natural colored burlap to wrap around the ring.  Then I saw the flower clips and thought I could attach them but I didn’t know what color to get so I got all that matched the burlap.  The small burlap colors were $2.99 each, the ring was either 6 or $7.99?  Each flower was .99 and the bigger burlap I think was $6.99 and I had the 20% off coupon from the newspaper so I think I paid about $30 for all of it, but I am taking some things back so this craft may have ended up being about $19 and an hour of my time.  


    DIY Spring Wreath


    I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do or how I was going to do it, but my first thought was to hot glue it.  After I wrapped the ring in the brown burlap, I hot glued it to stay in place.   Then I started to try and wrap the other colors, but it just wasn’t working out the way I had hoped, so I got out my straight pins and started to just pin the smaller burlap all around the ring with no pattern in mind.  I just went with it.  After I was done, all I added was a big burlap bow at the bottom and I was done!  I didn’t need one roll of burlap, and I definately didn’t need the flowers!  I think it turned out pretty good for not really having a plan or anything in mind. Today I have a unique burlap Spring wreath hanging on the door but we are still waiting for spring weather!


    DIY Spring Wreath


    Happy Crafting!  If you’ve crafted something Spring-ish or Easter-ish lately, leave your craft URL in the comments below!  I’d love to see what you created! 



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      • Believe me, crafting this wreath was a daunting task! I had no idea what I was going to do lol. It was for a lack of better words, a crap shoot! 😉 I’m hoping that the #atozchallenge organizes me and keeps me on track with posting! Great to meet you! Good luck on your postings!

    1. I don’t have any real crafting or artistic talent, but I love seeing what others can do. My only skill with art is that I can make paint-by-numbers look like a regular painting because I use so much paint and make sure the only colors that blend are the same object so they fade correctly. Other than that, I can’t even draw a decent happy face. haha

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