{A-Z} D is for Dog!

I’ve posted these on Instagram but they are just so cute that I wanted to dedicate this post to our family doggy. Please meet Dakota. He’s a 5 year old Golden Retriever & quite goofy! It’s a good thing actually because he totally fits into out family dynamic.


Sometimes he really things he’s a human and will make himself comfy on my good couch even though he’s not supposed to be on that one and knows better. Sometimes he makes himself a home next to my bed on the floor. Now you see, I usually have a blanket and pillow on my floor so that my youngest can come in whenever she feels the need. Lately it has become the dogs bed and when I wake up he’s sound asleep!


Isn’t he adorable? I mean, he actually has his head on the pillow! It’s even more funny when my daughter and the dog share that tiny space!

Do you have a tiny dog that thinks he’s bigger than he really is, or a big dog that thinks he’s a lap dog?

2 thoughts on “{A-Z} D is for Dog!

  1. Sorry if you get this twice, my phone is acting up!

    My mom has a dog that weighs as much as I do. He once gave me a concussion but I’ve used him as a pillow many times. I’ve even fallen asleep and he would get up without disturbing me. Gentle giants. =)

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