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    {A-Z} E is for Easter

    E is for Easter!


    easter table


    I was reminded that Easter is rapidly approaching and I am NOT prepared!  Isn’t if funny how after the first of the year everything starts to go so slow and then all of a sudden, time speeds up and the year is almost half over already?  I’ve been so busy with so many different things {which is good I guess}, that I totally forgot that Easter is just around the corner and before I know it, I will be hosting Easter with mine and my husbands family.  Every year we try to get together before Easter to color eggs but this year, this year, I’m not so sure.  My kids are older and only one still believes in the Easter bunny so it’s hard to get excited but the kids, my husband and I, still try to make it as fun as we can for the little one who is 9 years old.  We still {as our own family} will color eggs and eat them all within a day!


    coloring easter eggs


    Then we will all prepare for our Easter dinner guests by giving the house a thorough cleaning, which the kids hate, but it’s all a part of being a family and helping each other, so that’s how we clean.  I have one help me set the table, get the dishes out, napkins, cups, and all the bowls and dishes I’ll need the next day.  When we have our Easter dinners, it’s a big old fashioned Italian Easter.  We serve pasta, meatballs, salad, bread, then ham, mashed potatoes, corn, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and more bread.  By that time, we are stuffed to the gills, however, we are never stuffed too much that we can’t eat the delicious desserts!  Apple pie…oh how I miss you and can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks!  Oreo Cream Pie…you too, I’ve missed you so!   I can’t wait!  But, before the guests arrive, the kids have to go on an Easter egg, basket hunt!  The “Easter Bunny” leaves little clues in plastic eggs and each clue directs them to a new plastic egg that has another clue in it.  At the end, they are lead directly to their Easter baskets.  One year they were in our bath tub, one year in the clothes dryer, one year in my van, one year I had them running around outside it was so nice out, and one year it was in my bedroom closet and so on.  They enjoy that part of it, so I hope that I can continue leaving little clues in plastic eggs for many years to come!  After they find their baskets, they fill up on candy, skip breakfast and just pick and this and that all day until our dinner is served.


    There is one little snag in my regular traditions.  I’m now a Weight Watcher and I have to plan and prepare accordingly!  So, I’ve already started to think about what I am going to eat and how much so that I don’t totally blow my points plus values within one small dish! I will reserve all my extra points for that one day, but I am going to try very hard to stick within my mental plan of points plus.  I know I can do this and still enjoy the good food that will be served!


    I’m actually very excited about Easter dinner now.  What about you?  What do you normally do on Easter?


    1. I haven’t celebrated in years. I started guessing that The Easter Bunny should be in quotations when I was about six or so. The same with The Tooth Fairy, actually. But I was scared that if I said that, the treats would end from my parents or the Bunny and Fairy could get angry and skip my house. My mom told me abut Santa when I was eight because of bullies in my school, I I asked her. After that, we stopped the egg hunts but made sure to do something special that day anyways, but we stopped that in my teens when we were without a car for a couple years. Even so, I love those memories and they will always be special to me.

    2. Easter… Hmmm… I usually cart the kids around to every free easter egg hunt we come across. We get loaded down with candy and I like it. Sunday morning is church in pretty Easter dresses that Nanna gets for the girls and whatever I can scrounge up for the rest of us. Haha (I”m not included in the girls that Nanna shops for 😉 Then a hunt for the kids and we make fun of them while some miss the most obvious eggs or the uncles make the eggs way too high. THen dinner and then it’s over! It’s a busy life!

      • Ha, yes, the too high hidden eggs! My dad does that for the kids too! Only now, a few of them are a bit taller but I remember always yelling at him that they can’t see them let alone reach them! LOL Now that they are pre-teen & teens, we have to make it extra hard! Have a lovely Easter!

    3. I think of Mom on Easter, because she was born on Holy Saturday and died on Good Friday, and she was Bunny to everyone she knew. She was almost as excited about Easter as she was about Christmas. We always had ham and sweet potato casserole with marshmallows, and lots of candy, because she had a sweet tooth (especially jelly beans, or “jelly bird eggs,” as she’d call them).

      Anyway, just dropped by from the A to Z Challenge.


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