{A-Z} Y is for YELLING

Y is for YELLING




OMG, that is exactly what I feel like I’m doing lately!  But I’m not really yelling per say, I just have a tendency to talk a little loud.  I blame it on being Italian.  I talk loud, and I yell louder.  It can be a handy tool, but then again, it could be very embarrassing, not to me, but to my kids.  I love the ability to be able to control my tone for each situation.  Like yelling up the stairs because all three kids have their doors closed and they are ignoring my “texts”….yes instead of a home intercom system, we have cell phones, but when those don’t work, I have to rely on my LOUD VOICE to get their attention.  I’ve become a professional.  I use it again when they act up in the store.  Instead of getting angry, I just start talking louder.  The louder I get, the more embarrassed they get.  When they are embarrassed, they stop.  I’m sure the people in the store aren’t happy but at least I’m not yelling at them in anger, right? 😉  What I try really hard with is not talking too loud when I’m on the phone at the store, by myself….that is just embarrassing for me and yes, I know, no one wants to hear about my dogs poop problems while I talk to the vet.  


Are you a LOUD talker, or a whisper talker?  How do you use it to your advantage? lol