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    Baby Swags looking for clients for LA Baby Expo 2009


    I wanted to give you a little information on the 2009 LA Baby Expo and some preliminary pricing. We still have quite a bit of time, but it does go by fast, and when you are preparing products for over 20,000 people to see, it can be quite stressful.

    As I mentioned earlier, I learned a lot from doing that one show and I now know some changes I would like to make and need to make to insure that everyone has a great turn out.

    For the booth location, it was an island location and not having any backdrops was a challenge, so for that reason, I am opting to do either 2 corner booths and 2 inline booths or 4 inline booths. Each booth will be shared with another company and you will have the backdrop to hang any signs you may have.

    I am going to say right now because I don’t have the final cost but it will be any where from $970.00 (at the low end) to $1100.00 (high end) per company depending on the booth location. Please note that this price may change and a breakdown will be available once I get the final info from Seascape. That would cover the booth & any PR done by me.

    There will be a giveaway each day that would require products and I will be there to help in any way I can. You will be listed in the LA Baby Expo directory under your own name.

    You are responsible for the purchase or bringing in of your own tables, chairs, and drapes. The draping I would like to coordinate, but that can all be discussed at a later time. You will receive all that information from the Convention group handling the expo. Last year was around $100.00 for a table, two chairs, draping and garbage can.

    If this is something that is of interest, I would need to have a deposit of 50% to hold your spot, and the balance will have to be paid I believe by the end of the year.

    Any questions, please let me know. It will only be open right now to 7 more companies and if needed we will open more booths up to accommodate the new companies. Of course since this is all preliminary information, things can and will most likely change, but it is done so to give you an idea of cost, what is involved, and what will be exected. Please feel free to email me or call with any questions and I will answer them as I can.

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