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Celebrating July 4th Verified Mom Style



Happy 4th of July

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Celebrating the fourth used to be a bit more exciting.  When the kids were little we would go to different towns, different fests and see different people.  Within the last few years we just stopped going out.  I think we’re old or something because we hate crowds and we hate sitting in a parking lot for hours just trying to leave the area.  It’s ok, you can be honest, we’re old, right?  I hate bugs, I hate bug spray, I hate lugging blankets and coolers through a crowded field looking for a place to call home for a few hours.  I hate all of it.  So when we moved to this subdivision we noticed that it was like it’s own party town.  You could walk up and down the block and see your neighbors all out front with their families, grilling, eating, listening to music, playing games, and when it was dark it became a whole new world.   We would go out to see fireworks and once we would drive into the subdivision it would be like entering a war zone.  You have people all up and down the street blowing off fireworks of all shapes and sizes.  It was quite terrifying though.  I was afraid one of those bottle rockets would shoot off and hit the car and we’d blow up.  I’m sure I was exaggerating but still, it was that scary!  One year we just decided to stop going out and just enjoy the local neighborhood fireworks display.  If you sit in my driveway you can actually see the town fireworks.  They are a bit farther in the distance, but you can still see what everyone drives to see up close.  



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We just hang at home.  All day.  All night.  We swim, bbq, visit what ever neighbors are out, have family over, do our own little fireworks {usually just sparklers and smoke bombs cause I’m chicken like that} and kick back and relax.  I’d love to camp out this year in my backyard {not in the family room like before} with the kids, but I’m not sure if they’d be up for it.  The kids can invite a couple friends over if they want to swim during the day {weather permitting} and I’ll invite my family over but other than that, it will be quite uneventful.  But that’s exactly how I like it.  Low key and spent with those that I love most.  My family.


What will you be doing for the fourth?  I’m sure it will be more exciting than what I’ll be doing!


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  1. We hopefully are headed to the beach as there will be no fireworks close by inland due to fire restrictions. But, we might just BBQ & watch NYC ones on TV then head to the beach when it’s less crowded. Have a happy 4th.

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