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    Summer Memory #VerifiedMomBCN

    Summer Memory, What’s Your Favorite?



    Before I sat down here to write this post, I had no idea what my favorite summer memory was.  Should I write something about my summers with my kids, summers as a teen, or summers as a kid?  There were so many fun times that finding the most “favorite” summer was kind of difficult.  So, I’m going to run though a few of them at each important stage in my life and we’ll see where this post goes from there.


    My Childhood:  Summers were fun.  Of course we didn’t have a care in the world.  We just knew we weren’t going to be in school and that was all we cared about.  We didn’t have cell phones or computers so you would actually have to ride your bike, walk or skate to your friends house to see if they were even home.  If not, then you’d ride, walk or skate all the way home which wasn’t just down the street, it could have been many, many blocks away.  But if you wanted to see your friends, you’d do it.  Our block was fun.  We had a lot of kids our ages there so going out at night to play ghost in the graveyard, hide and go seek or even mother may I was fun.  Then there were the days that you would just play hopscotch and hula hoop but it too was equally as fun.  We had a pool in our back yard and at the time, we also had a detached garage next to the pool.  Lets just say there may have been a few incidents where we {my friends and I} would climb to the top of the garage roof, sunbathe and then jump from the top of the garage into the pool.  Looking back, it doesn’t seem like that was such a bright thing to do considering it was only a four foot above ground pool.  But we did it and we survived.  Would I suggest doing it now…absolutely NOT!  That was a time when I think…what the Hell were we thinking?  Summers as a kid were so fun.  Staying out until the street lights went on.  Going outside without being scared or afraid that someone was going to snatch you up.  Keeping your doors unlocked.  Now days…forget it.  My house is locked up like fort knox and I like it that way.


    My Teenhood:  OH those were the summers of sneaking places, smoking and going to high school parties, and yes…even did some drinking and driving.  And yes…again, looking back, would I do it the same now, definitely NOT!  But, that was what it was back then and I know I wasn’t the only one.  It’s really weird though because I have some how blocked out a lot of my high school summer & school years.  I’m not sure why though.  I know I did things and went here, went there, hung out with friends, but I never felt like I belonged anywhere.  I always felt like I was being judged in school and never had that super close bond with anyone until I started working at the local mall and met my best friend in the entire universe there.  We did so much together, experienced so much together, so many firsts and so many lasts…we just have always remained close, even now when we live miles apart and don’t get to see each other often.  But, when we do see each other, or talk to each other, it’s like no time has past at all.  We went to parties, concerts, trips, met our now husbands; we had fun together.  Spending summers with my best friend always generated happy memories.  We would come back to my house after being out all night and my mom would be waiting up for us.  We’d go into her room, lay on her bed and tell her about our night and laugh about it.  There are stories that I just can’t reveal so I’ll keep that to myself for now! 😛


    My Adulthood:  When I met my now husband we would hang out with his friends during the summers and my favorite memories would be when we would go camping together.  Oh the laughs we’d have.  I’m so not an outdoorsy type, so a bug would scare me {and still does}.  Going to outside concerts and festivals was always fun too.  But then we got married and all that pretty much stopped as soon as we started having kids.  Then summers consisted of going to the zoo, finding different parks to go to, shopping at the outdoor mall, going to the pools and watersldes and all that fun stuff.  Then up until this summer my son was in travel baseball so for 6 years our summers consisted of traveling for that.  It wasn’t all bad until the very last year.  But aside from that, we did have fun and even though I though I’d miss my baseball life, I really don’t.  We haven’t been able to do much this summer because it’s been raining a majority of it so far, but I try to go out with the kids and so something at least once a week.  But they are all older now and really, don’t want to spend too much time with mom, so if anything I’ll force them to go to the store with me or run errands, lol…fun summer, huh?


    I guess you could say my favorite summer memories stem from my childhood.  They had been the most fun by a long shot.  I miss those summers.  I wonder if I can recreate any of my summer memories.  Maybe I’ll take the kids out tonight and play a little ghost in the graveyard.  I bet they’d be scared! LOL


    What has been your favorite summer memory?


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