Dishwasher Dilemma’s Picking Your Battles

Dishwasher Dilemma's -pick your battles

Loading the Dishwasher 101 or Not…


The struggle is real people!  There are certain things in the home that kids or significant others can’t or don’t want to do and they just don’t do it.  I usually let a lot slide because I am not a huge “let’s spend our entire day nit-picking and cleaning” kinda person.  I’d rather spend time doing other things like, blogging or spending time with the kids, baking, cooking, and yes, as my parents know, watch tv.  It always seems that when they call, I’m on the couch watching some tv show.  There are two things that really get me though, loading the dishwasher and changing the toilet paper roll when it’s empty.


I won’t talk much about the toilet paper rolls but I will let you know that I did hold a Changing the Toilet Paper Roll 101 class for the kids.  I went through, step by step on what one should do if they are the lucky person who uses the last square!  I called each one into the bathroom and had them demonstrate what they’ve learned.  Yes, they thought I was weird for doing it, but they did really well until the last week.  For some reason, they all have forgotten how to change it again and I’ve noticed that I’m the only one changing the toilet paper rolls in all three bathrooms!  I don’t go to the bathroom that much so I am sure with four others in the house, it’s been a group effort using that much toilet paper!  Anyway, I’ll have to hold a refresher course on that one, but for now, the dishwasher seems to be my issue.


My kids hate loading the dishwasher.  Alyssa can’t bare to actually “touch” a dish, fork or glass that had someone else’s food and “spit” on it.  Well she’s going to have to get over that one!  Scott can’t load a dishwasher to save his life.  He has excellent gaming skills but yet, he can’t solve the puzzle of putting dishes and bowls in a square area?  Boggles my mind.  Then there’s Gianna.  She tries, she really does, but even she can’t figure it out yet.  They can all unload it but for some reason, loading causes chaos!  Then it hit me.  They’ve been taking lessons from my husband.  He was the dishwasher God when we first got our new dishwasher but has since fallen down in the ranking.  I am, once again, the Queen of dishwasher loading.  Here is a visual… (it isn’t the worst that has been done, but I had to stop him before it got worse!)


His… (this was taken after he said he was done loading) top of the dishwasher….


His Dishwashing Loading Skills


Mine….(after I rearranged his top to make room for more) top of the dishwasher…


Her dishwashing loading skills



His….bottom half of the dishwasher….


Bottom Loading Dishwasher



Mine…bottom half of the dishwasher after I couldn’t take it anymore….


bottom loaded dishwasher



So instead of making myself crazy, I don’t even bother having them load it anymore.  It just wasn’t worth my personal stress to have them do it and then for me to redo it.  Instead I have them all unload it and I’ll do the after dinner clean up.  They help by cleaning up the table and putting things away in the fridge or what not, but as for dishwasher loading, I’d rather they not.  I’d end up having to run the dishwasher twice a day if I let them load it not to mention I’d have to not be physically in the room to witness their, or lack there of, dishwasher loading skills.


What battles have you chosen not to fight?  I’m still going to work on that dumb toilet paper roll fiasco!  




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  1. Haha my husband is actually pretty good at loading the dishwasher. He NEVER changes the toilet paper when the roll is empty though.

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