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    Periscope Get Ready For a Take Over! #SeptemberScopers

    Do you Periscope, or “Scope”
    as the cool kids call it?

    September Scopers Challenge


    Periscope, it’s a somewhat new social media platform that streams live video right to you.  You can live stream yourself making dinner or yourself going for a walk, or you can talk about more important issues…basically anything goes.  It is something I have a lot of fun with.  I’ve always wanted to star in my own reality show because my family is super crazy and why not prove to others that there are crazy, if not crazier families out there doing exactly the same things as they are?  Of course, I use it for fun, like how I have to wake my teenagers up in the summer, but others utilize it for more professional reasons like sharing business tips and top secret sales pitches.  Having a young daughter who aspires to be a huge YouTube star {or a stripper or police woman – don’t ask}, and having her beside me coaching me along has been tremendously helpful.  She isn’t afraid of being on camera and she has helped me get over my fear of being in front of one.  So, when my blogging friends {Girl on the Move & Working Mom Magic} came up with the idea for a Periscope challenge, I immediately said “I’m in!”. 


    And now we have the #SeptemberScopers! Basically we will be sharing a daily “scope” based off of the Periscope prompts and we’d love for you to join in the fun and “Scope” with us!  All you need to do to get started is share, share, share!  Share the #SeptemberScopers Challenge on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc…share on your blog, share with your groups, your tribe, heck you can even Periscope about it!  Be sure to follow along with the hashtag #SeptemberScopers and get involved by watching videos, leaving comments, tapping for hearts, following other scopers, and in a nutshell, lets just all support each other to make this a successful challenge!


    Are you ready to see what we’ll be scoping about?  Oh, also these are just suggested prompts.  You can change or alter as you see fit! 🙂



    I am super excited to start this challenge!  It’s going to be a lot of fun to put faces {and their tones} to the bloggers you love!  You are going to want to check out these awesome ladies on Periscope! 


    Julie at Girl on the Move, Periscope: @jmdenouden
    Lauren at Working Mom Magic, Periscope: @workingmommagic
    Lisa at Goofball Mommy, Periscope:@goofballmommy
    Laci at Sequins in the South, Periscope:@sequinsinthesouth
    Jeannine at At Home with the O’Neils, Periscope:@jeannine_oneil
    Bev at Linkouture, Periscope: @linkouture
    Denise at STL Motherhood, Periscope: @StlMotherhood


    OH!!!  Don’t forget about me!  Be sure to connect with me too!  You can follow me on Periscope: @VerifiedMom


    So you got it all?  Join us by following and using #SeptemberScopers and if you’re lost for what to say, feel free to use one of the prompts provided.  Again, you don’t have to use the prompts if you don’t want to.  If you’d rather scope yourself cleaning your bedroom closet, go right ahead!  That’s the beauty of this…you can scope anything and everything and no one will bat and eye!  Have I mentioned how much I love Periscope?  So, what do you say?  Will you be joining us during the #SeptemberScopers Challenge?


    #SeptemberScopers Periscope Challenge





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