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    DIY Craft Wreath

    I purchased a round foam ring to create a wreath for the front door. Then realized I needed too. But the store was sold out. So, I decided to create 2 from the one. Very easy to do so. This idea was given to be my a friend and I just knew I had to try it out.

    You start with your single foam ring

    Now, they have a tool out there to cut through foam, but I just used a very sharp knife. Be careful! I used the knife to cut the ring in half.

    Best part about this is that now, when you decorate it and hang it, the back is flat and will lay flat against your wall or door!

    Now to decorate it!

    I just used crape paper. I am using these to decorate for my son’s pirate party.


    Now, I have 2 to decorate instead of the one! This will save you some money next time you decide to buy and make your own craft wreath, 🙂

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