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    DIY Kid Friendly Valentine’s Day Craft

    DIY Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Craft


    I wanted to find a DIY kid friendly Valentine’s Day craft reusing something that we had in the house.  I had no idea what to use or what to make so I was just standing in my kitchen looking around and out of the corner of my eye, I found them.  I bought 3 containers of Planters Peanuts, Dry-Roasted/Honey Roasted, 16 Ounce to make a peanut cluster (I’ll share that recipe another time cause it was that good!) and all three were just sitting there waiting to make their way into the recycling bin.

    DIY Kid Friendly Valentine's Day Craft

    recycled peanut containers
    I took my daughter to Target to gather a few supplies.  I didn’t even know what I was going to do with those three containers, but I had to find something.  Then it dawned on me, flowers!  What is one of the most popular things to get for Valentine’s Day?  Flowers! Let’s paint them and make cute flower vases out of them.  So we gathered my supplies.

    DIY Kid-Friendly Valentine's Day Craft Supplies

    Handmade Modern Color Me Cupid Acrylic Paints
    Scotch Expressions red glitter washi tape {or any color}
    Chalk Marker {craft supply}
    Little hanging chalk boards {dollar spot}

    With the kids, we got all our empty and clean containers, our paints, paint brushes, sponges and little fingers ready for painting.  We started with a paint brush but soon found out that dabbing it with a sponge was a lot easier, faster and cleaner.  My oldest wanted to do an ombre look so she did one and I did the other.  My youngest decided to make a marble looking one so she just went to town with the sponging, and it worked!    I was surprised with how fast the paint dried.  I then took the washi tape and put it around the area that the cap goes on to cover that up.  I had a slight problem with getting the tape to stick on there so I brought out the good old glue gun and just put a thin layer of glue where the tape goes and it was good to go.  To weigh it down, I grabbed a couple river rocks from the backyard and dropped them in so they wouldn’t tip over when I put the flowers in it.  

    DIY Kid Friendly Valentine's Day Craft Vases
    Aren’t they just the cutest vases ever?  I mean, you can do this with any holiday or occasion.  Kids can create a masterpiece of their own for Mother’s Day or just for themselves.  The one thing I did notice though that I’ll be doing with these is adding some modge podge to it because the paint does scratch off if you’re not careful and I want to make sure that it stays on for a while.  I love this DIY kid friendly Valentine’s Day craft, don’t you?  I might make some more cause I’m craving my chocolate peanut clusters! 🙂

    DIY Kid Friendly Valentines Day Craft Collage



    1. Very cute idea! I’ve got a side table next to my bed, and the coffee table in my liivng room, and both could use a little TLC. I’ve been playing with the idea of painting on some kind of design, but I need to narrow those ideas down. Thanks for the inspiration!

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