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My crazy family
Family!  HAHAHA What can I say about my family?  A LOT actually, but I won’t bore you with most of it.  My family is a goofy family.


Is my #family crazy or is it just me? #wordadaychallenge

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 We have a lot of fun even though we don’t have the opportunity to go out much primarily due to lack of funds.  What is a typical day like in our house?  My oldest gets up and heads off to school before I am even awake.  I’m totally not a morning person…at all!  I actually hate getting up when I do and would rather sleep until about 8am.  I get up to make sure the other two are up (they have a tendency to not be morning people either…not good).  We are all up and moving around, let the dogs out and get them ready for the day and then the kids will eat their breakfast.  I say good-bye to them and wave to my youngest when she gets to the bus stop.  I’m lucky in that she still loves me and wants to wave to me even if her bus stop friends see her.  Next year, not sure she’ll be that excited to wave good-bye to me, so I’m going to take advantage of this moment as long as I can!  Then it’s my time to clean up, exercise, have breakfast, blog, work, pay bills, you know all that fun wifely/sahm stuff that wouldn’t get done without out me.  Then I go to my day job, come home, have lunch, do some VA work, prep for dinner and then before I know it, the first one is coming home…followed by the other two….and then the hubby.

When they are all back at home it’s either like a quiet dead zone or a loud chaotic bar (I’m only say that from memory…it’s been a long time since I set foot in an actual bar).  There is a lot of laughter which I am going to miss one day.  I have such an amazing relationship with my kids though that it’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world.  We might be silly and crazy but at the end of the day, we all love each other and have each others backs.  I myself have the best parents in the world who would too, do anything for us kids {and the grandkids} and they are people that I could only wish I’d be like when my own kids are grown.  I think about what my kids think of me as a parent and I often ask them just to get their feedback.  I don’t want to be just their friend because that isn’t the purpose of being a parent, but I want to know that I have a good balance of parenting vs. friendship.  I think I’m succeeding….

My family
Sometimes I feel bad for my kids friends.  Some of them don’t have the type of family relationship that we have.  For instance, one night my oldest had her friends over.  I made dinner and called them all down to eat.  We eat dinner together as a family, every night.  It’s a rule of mine that I will not break.  However, with my oldest now working after school, she usually isn’t here for dinner as much as she used to be and I do miss that, but we make up for that in other ways.  Anyway, the girls got their food and my daughter went to sit down at the table and the two other girls just had a look on their faces in amazement that she was sitting down at the table.  Her one friend commented something like “Oh, isn’t that cute you guys eat dinner together”…. I asked where she eats dinner when she’s home.  She said she ate in her room.  That made me sad.  From that moment on, I made it a point to let her friends know that they are welcome at our home anytime.  It made me realize that some parents are just not there either emotionally or physically and sadly, that’s all their kids long for…. their presence.  That is something that I always want to give to my children.  My presence. I am always there for them when they need me and they know that.  I am building a family foundation that I hope in the years to come, they will all appreciate and carry that on to their own children and family.

I have been blessed with the family that was chosen for me.  We might get on each others nerves from time to time, we might laugh until we pee our pants,  and more importantly, we love each other to the moon (even when they are the full ones) and back.


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  1. What an epic compliment for a mom to get from their kid. I got all teary-eyed! I hope to be as close to my kids as you are with yours. What an amazing relationship.

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