Hope #WordADayChallenge


Hope #WordADayChallenge

Hope, I have a lot of that.  You have to in today’s world.  That is all that some of us have left.  I hope for so many things, big and small that sometimes hoping is all I can do to stay sane.  Hope is a powerful tool that we use when we feel helpless. What do you hope for?   

  1. That I can get through the day with out having an anxiety attack.  Seems like that should be a simple one, but unless you’ve experienced them first hand, you know that it is something that you can’t control just by hoping them away. 
  2.   That we can get the bills paid on time which seems to be harder and harder to do when there isn’t enough money coming in every month and unexpected things happen to throw you off your budgeted course.
  3. That my daughter doesn’t stress too much over the cost of college before she actually gets there.  There was a time when I thought no matter what you do in your life you’ll have debt.  You most likely will, but when I was 17 that certainly wasn’t something I was thinking about.  She’s made a budget for herself and she figured she’ll need $23k+ for two years of community college.  Needless to say that number scared her so she’s been applying for scholarships!  {If you know of any, let me know, she’s been on a roll lately to get them turned in by their deadlines!}
  4. That we lived in a place without fear.  Seems impossible, doesn’t it?  I mean, imagine, never having to be afraid to do anything or go anywhere.  Or even to just let our kids play outside without the fear that someone will kidnap them or worse!  The world is becoming more and more terrifying and I am pretty sure it is a direct result of social media and how we now are made aware of every bad thing in the world almost instantly.  That alone sends people into a bigger panic.
  5. That more people were forgiving.  If people could only get rid of their hate for others, imagine what a better world this would be.  Life is too short to be carrying around all the negativity and hate.  Find a way to forgive your mom, your dad, your sibling, your life long friend, your neighbor, your coworker, your boss, and even the stranger on the other side of the computer.  Just forgive and move on!
  6. That life gets easier.  Who knew adulting was so stressful?  Now that I am one (and have been one for years), with bills to pay, kids to feed, home to tend to, work that needs to be done, all I hear is responsibilities, responsibilities, responsibilities.  It would be nice to wake up one day with no responsibility at all!  A day where you can just go and be free to do what ever it is that you want to do would be amazing right about now.  Now I understand why my parents would tell me to enjoy life while you’re younger and have no responsibilities, or when you heard, “What are you worried about?  You don’t have any responsibilities!” and thought to yourself, whatever….  I don’t want to relive my youth but….not having responsibilities for a day or two would be lovely.
  7. That Netflix could run current tv shows and live sporting events so I could eliminate DirecTv all together.  Yeah, I want Netflix to become mainstream tv only better, cost the same as it is now, and in streaming form.  I’m sure that isn’t too much to ask.  I want Netflix to be my Hannah Montana.  I want it to be the best of both worlds.
  8. That my dinner isn’t a flop!  There isn’t anything like preparing a new dinner only to have it taste like cardboard or smell like old socks.  Thanks to Pinterest, I have been experimenting and honestly, some of those pretty looking recipes don’t taste as good as they look.
  9. I hope that I didn’t bore you with this list of things I hope for…badumtch!  I wanted to stop here because as you see, hope is something we do all the time, probably without even giving it much thought.  I bet if you stopped and wrote down things throughout your day that you “hope” for, you’d be surprised with what you come up with.


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