DIY monogram wedding favor tags

First design you monogram on any program that you have. I used photoshop.
The font I used was Janda Celebration Script. The P is size 110 and the J&K is size 50.
The date is font Vijaya in size 30.
After you design your monogram and date then print them out on cardstock in the color of you choice. I chose ivory for these.
 I then cut out each monogram in a rectangle around them so that the tag punch would fit.
This tag punch is from Michaels. It is the Recollections 2 3/16in.
It was $9.99 and I used a 40% off coupon.
  Take your tag punch and turn it upside down in your right hand and then take you monogram already cut into a rectangle and place the rectangle with monogram facing you so you are able to see where the punch will cut. Then squeeze your right hand and punch it out.Then take a regular hole punch and put a little hole for hanging/tying to the favor of your choice.

And…. this is how they turn out!
Next week I’ll show you what I put them on.
xoxo, Teryn