Family Dinner Organzation

In an attempt, or should I say struggle, to stay organized each day, I decided I needed a better way to organize our weekly meals. I always panic at the last minute about what to cook or not having the right ingredients for the meal I was attempting to make. I do not like heading to the grocery store at the last minute at 4:00pm with 2 toddlers. Never a fun task. By the time I return home I am usually exhausted and worn out and don’t feel like cooking.

So, I decided to do something about that. I sat down one night and searched and scoured the internet for meals, dinners, recipes, anything that caught my eye for my picky family. I made a list of everything that sounded good and then put it into a calender format. I started on Sunday and went through Thursday. Friday and Saturdays are our “lets just order a pizza or whatever is left in the fridge” night. I placed a meal in each day for each week of the month, more or less. I made sure that I mixed things up, one beef, one, chicken, one pork, one pasta, one other, like pizza, hot dogs, etc.

I then went and printed out each recipe for all the meals and placed in order for each week. That way each recipe was on hand and ready to go and didn’t have to search for it or remember where I saw it online at. Once I had my menu sorted and my recipes, I made sure everything was printed out. I then went and made a grocery list for everything I will need to make every single meal on my list. I know a daunting task, but worth it in the end. I then checked my pantry and shelves to see what I currently had on hand and crossed it off the list. I placed the list in the stack of papers. I punched holes in each page and then placed in a 3 ring binder. That way everything is right there for me to look at when ever I need it.

(Having your grocery list all made out makes clipping coupons so much easier.)

Between searching for meals and getting my list together only really took a few hours, and now I have an entire month of meals already planned out. So no scrambling, no last minute trips to the store, well, unless we run out of milk or juice. 🙂

I also hung a menu on the fridge so everyone know what is for dinner!