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    Glop & Glam Hair Care Products = Amazing!

    Glop & Glam

    Hair products you can be proud of.  We had the opportunity to sample products made by the company Glop & Glam, and we are very pleased with what we have discovered.  The first thing that sold us is that the hair care products are made using natural and certified organic ingredients.  Another featured that sold us was that it can be safely used on the entire family and all the products smell absolutely delicious!

    Glop Candy Apple Shampoo has a wonderful fruity scent that you will never want to wash out of your hair.  Smells just like a piece of apple candy…yum!

    Glam Cake Batter Conditioner is a nice light conditioner, not heavy or pasty in texture, and OMG, the cake batter scent is to die for!  Makes you feel as if you just ate a piece of delicious birthday cake…you know, the kind you really like!  However, this particular cake batter carries no calories, thank goodness!

    Glam Creamsicle Mist is a leave in conditioner & detangler, all I can say is it reminds me of a beautiful summer day eating my creamsicle ice cream bar.  You can use this product to refreshes your hair because it neutralizes odors, while conditioning and detangling!  It is perfect for thick or coarse/curly hair (and for kids who just hate brushing their hair).

    Glam Chocolate Cream Anti-Frizz & Shine is like smelling a piece of chocolate heaven.  If your prone to frizzy hair, you have to give this cream a try.  It adds textures and fights the frizzies…oh and gives you a nice shine that doesn’t make your hair look greasy!

    Glop Banana Spike Molding Putty is ahhhhmazing!  This molding putty is strong, holds great and is a light weight, smooth texture, perfect for your little man who wants to have spiky hair or even a full mohawk!  It doesn’t have that nasty perfume smell, oh no it doesn’t, in fact it smells like banana pudding!

    You can find these products and more just like them by visiting  If you want natural hair care products that are safe for you and your baby, then you have to, definitely, give these a try.  One smell and I bet you’ll be sold!  I did not find one thing I didn’t like about any of the products.  My kids loved them and knowing that they are safe for them, makes me love them too!

    Glop & Glam has generously provided us with an exclusive 20% off discount code that you can use for all your Glop & Glam shopping purchases from March 2, 2012 through March 30, 2012.  Just enter “TotsToTeens20” when checking out to redeem your code and receive your 20% discount!

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