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    Holiday Gifts in Review

    We had the pleasure of testing and reviewing some great products when considering what to put into our Annual Holiday Gift Guide. Now, we’d like to break it down and show off 3 of our favorites and include a fabulous giveaway at the end, so read on!!

    Key Ingredient Recipe Reader


    The Key Ingredient Recipe Reader is one of our favorite tech items for foodies.  It is so much fun to explore new recipes, add your own and with handy tools at your finger tips, it makes cooking or baking easier than you’d think!  Getting started using your Recipe Reader is a snap.  Just follow the on screen instructions to configure your WiFi {you’ll need your home network password so make sure you have that available}.  Once you are online, you can sync your account right to your Recipe Reader so that what ever you have online can now be accessed by your Recipe Reader.  If you do not have a account, setting one up is simple and free to do and is highly recommended.  The Recipe Reader already comes with a list of cookbooks with a variety of recipes preloaded.  You can even load your own recipes by going online to and then they will be sync’d to your reader!  You can change the font size, set three different timers, and the two features I absolutely cannot live without… the convert and substitute buttons!  I am horrible when it comes to figuring out measurements, so the convert button is a must-have for me.  The other thing I love is the substitute button.  Nine times out of ten, I rarely have everything I need to make a recipe as it’s stated, so having the substitutes on hand, is definitely a needed feature for me.  I’ve used it plenty of times I’m proud to say! J  There are so many cool things I love about this handy gadget that you just have to see it for yourself!  This is one of our giveaway items!!!!  SO excited!!!  It’s currently sold out on so I’m happy to be able to share this with our readers!

    The World Almanac for Kids 2014


    If your kids are anything like mine, they love The World Almanac for Kids and anything Guinness World records books, so when I received The World Almanac for Kids 2014, I knew it was going to be a huge hit!  It is such a colorful book full of amazing events and news that any kid would love to learn about.  The World Almanac for Kids makes reading so interesting to say the least!  From weird animal facts to the tiniest creatures in Science, kids will be amazed with what interesting facts they can learn.  All the information provided is shared in a way that makes learning what could be sometimes considered boring, a whole lot more fun.  I am so sure that your own child will love this book that we will be giving away one copy to one lucky reader!

    Andrea’s Beau


    Does your little girl love headbands but hates that they make their head hurt after wearing one for an extended period of time?  I am ultra sensitive when it comes to headbands and the first thing I look for is comfort and how well it stays in place.  Andrea’s Beau headband is so cute and so very comfortable to wear.  It has a little extra padding at the ends to make sure that the soft spots behind your ears aren’t killing you after an hour!  They can be dressed up or kept casual and are great for moms and girls of all ages!  We are featuring the Navy Yasmina Flower Headband and I’m sure your little girl will look beautiful wearing this sweet & stylish headband.  We love this one and would love to share it with you, so we will be giving one away!

    There are just a few of some of our favorite products this year, something for mom and something for kids.  We are excited to offer this giveaway to you and one lucky winner will receive the Recipe Reader, The World Almanac for Kids 2014 and the Navy Yasmina Flower Headband for girls with a combined retail value over $150.00!




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