How does your garden grow?

My Garden is…


Love my hanging #strawberry plant! #fresh #strawberries #summer #garden

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Is not doing as well as I’d like it to be. I do however love my hanging strawberry plant. It is starting to bloom really well and we’ve had a few strawberries picked already. I asked the lil one how she likes them compared to the ones we buy at the store and she said she liked ours much better. They just taste better to her. I love hearing that! Even though I’m not much of a gardener, I do love going outside and picking what ever I need whether it be a tomato, pepper, cucumber or onion. This year our garden isn’t taking that well and we have no peppers. It actually looks quite pathetic. Especially if you look at my next door neighbors huge plants. He doesn’t have a big space, it’s a raised bed and his veggies have taken off and passed mine up by a foot! I’ve had a garden almost every year that we’ve been here and this by far is my worst looking one. My husband hates seeing the neighbors so every time he goes outside to check on ours, he comes back cursing that ours looks so weak. He’s started this mini gardening competition within himself and he says next year he’s ripping up the garden and doing a raised bed and he’s going to kick the neighbors gardening green thumb right out of the water!

So, I guess, my tip would be to go with a raised bed? Apparently you will have faster growth, better and bigger veggies and you’ll kick your neighbors green ass thumb in the process! What could be sweeter?

Do you have a vegetable garden? If you do, what has helped with your gardens production of fruits and veggies?

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