It’s that time of the year! Annual Organization Challenge

It’s time to organize! Whether or not you are already an organized person or strive to be one, we have some tips that may help to get you started. I, as a business owner, a busy mom of three, a wife, friend, etc., must confess that I may appear to be extremely organized but if you look at my office, you will see the real me! It is scary, but it is true….I stink at organization! I once had appeared on the Oprah show while I was pregnant with my son (who by the way is now 10) and had my linen closet and bathroom vanity professionally organized by, Julie Morgenstern. Now, you would think that a linen closet couldn’t possibly be that disorganized, but it was. I’ll admit it. Julie introduced to me how we can use different size containers and the label maker to store everyday household items, who knew?  I secretly LOVE the label maker but clearly do not use it as much as I could! I was able to keep my linen closet organized, even after we moved into a different home! Its weird how one closet can be the only organized spot in my house. I always said if someone can initially get me organized, I can maintain it, and that part is true. I can’t organize, but if someone were to come into my home, set it all up for me and leave, I can keep it that way for years to come.

So, how does one start the organizational process? A level of organization is mandatory in regular life as it is in business life but why is it so hard to master? I am on a mission this year to organize my home, my business, my space, and my life with the help of the book, Organize Now! A week-by-week guide to simplify your space and your life by Jennifer Ford Berry. I welcome you to take part in my journey by taking a journey of your own. Share your stories of success, tips you learn along the way, taking before and after pictures and so on. I’d love to have your support and to support you in return.

I have learned two things so far, one, to be flexible and two, create a time map for yourself.  By all means, I am no professional here, but those two things alone should go hand in hand. A time map (as taught by Julie Morgenstern) gives you the ability to plan your day, your week, your month all on one sheet of paper. It is a tool that can provide you with a sense of organization even if you don’t think you are organized. Once you organize your time, everything else just seems to fall into place. In order to create a time map, you have to be flexible with your time. Just because you have it scheduled doesn’t mean it can’t be changed or altered. For me, working from home has always had its obstacles but learning to treat your home business as a business first is the key to making it a success. Set regular business hours and stick to them. Being at home clearly gives you the ability to sneak in and just check that one order, or respond to that one email, but fight against the urge and you will see the how liberating it feels!

Here is a copy of what my time map looks like.  (People are always asking me, “How do you do it?”, well this is how…shhh) Please note that you do not have to get as detailed as me by color coding, and spelling every detail out, but it was the best way for me to “visually” see what I needed to do, when.  And, remember, that this is just a rough draft of what your typical day (or week) should look like.  Have fun with it!

Your challenge for this weekend is to create a Time Map for yourself.  After you do yours, let us hear from you.  Was it easier or harder than you thought to put your day/week onto paper?  What did you learn about the process?  Do you have more or less time than you thought?  Next week we will tackle another step in the organizational process!  Stay tuned!


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  1. LOL, you might wonder WHY I have Vampire Diaries listed in detail? That is because me and my oldest daughter watch it together…that is “our” time! It’s something that we both love (for different reasons…no, not really lol) and we share that time together which is very important to me. As your children get older and don’t “need” you as much, you take what ever time you can get from them! 🙂

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