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    My Latest Milestone as an Adult {@Netflix #Streamteam}

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    My husband and I decided a long time ago that when the time came for us to start having children I would stay at home and raise them.  This was more so due to finances and it would cost us just as much to send our kids to daycare that my salary would basically be paying for someone else to take care of them.  That just didn’t make sense to me and I always knew I wanted to stay at home with them, so for me, it was a win/win.

    As they started to get older, I don’t want to say I wasn’t needed, in fact, I was needed more.  The bigger they get, the bigger problems they get and I wanted to make sure I was there for all the problems…big or small.  But then at the beginning of the year, I decided it was time to inch my way into the work-force.  I haven’t worked since the end of the year 2000.  Oh yeah, I have been a stay at home mom for 14 years and my oldest is now 16.  The problem was, I was out of the work-force for so long that it was hard to find a job…the kind of job I wanted in order to still be at home with my kids after school.  My youngest is now 10 and her school hours coincide with “regular” work hours making it harder to find employment.  After three years of applying at our local school district, I finally landed a job in the lunch room.  It isn’t glamorous, but it is a milestone for me that is no different than your wedding day and it is no different than expecting your first child or buying your first home….it was…scary!

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    Watching Netflix has reminded me of all these “first moments” with movies such as The Office!  I remember my first job.  It was at a clothing store in a local tiny mall called Brooke’s Fashions and that is where I met my best friend, I was 15.  How about planning your wedding with shows like My Fair Wedding with David Tutera {Fun Fact: he follows my Baby Swags twitter account…helllllloooo excited}, LOVE him and his planning abilities!  What about purchasing your first home with shows like House Hunters?  My husband and I purchased our first home and it was such a cute little thing!  I actually miss that house, it was so cozy.  We were there for one year and then flipped it and it was an amazing experience!  How about when you were pregnant for the first time?  Watching What To Expect When You’re Expecting was a great reminder of all the “fun”…and I am saying that sarcastically because my experience was not a good one, in fact, I never was a “happy” pregnant woman.  I enjoyed the kicking and moving, but the sickness, getting bigger, weight gain…sucked!  And then…well, then you became a parent and a show like Parenthood will make you cry during every.single.episode!

    Kids Life Firsts292876_406616970171969_9650290
    There are great shows to watch with your kiddo’s too as they encounter their “first’s”.  Take getting glasses, which can either be exciting or traumatic.  You can watch Arthur: Through the Looking Glasses {I loved Arthur when the kids were little}.  What about getting your first pet?  You can enjoy the laughter packed Beethoven movie.  And don’t forget about the first heartbreak…ugh, those are tough ones, but with the help of Good Luck Charlie: Girl Bite Dog, you’ve tackled half the battle.  You see, there are plenty of shows to check out on Netflix this month.

    Creating first memories can be scary, but looking back, I don’t think I would have changed a thing.  Starting this new job this year, even that, I wouldn’t change…as hectic as those 3 hours are… I wouldn’t change it at all.  I’ll also be starting a podcast & vlogging this year too…there will be many firsts in my future!


    What “first” events will be happening in your life this month?  New baby, new home, new pet???




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