Operation “Office Organization” Day 2 – Under the Desk!

So in my attempt to clean and organize my office, I decided to start at one end and gradually make my way to the other by tackling one spot at a time. Some of the areas you may not see a huge difference, but I can tell, believe me! Last time I organized my filing cabinet. It took awhile to do that and that is what I have learned; this process it going to take a lot of time and I need to be patient with my results because when it’s done, it will all come together and look amazing!


The past few days have been crazy ones for me so I didn’t get to this project as quickly as I wanted to, but it is now done and I am happy to say, phew, glad that’s over with! The area under attack… under the desk! I kind of just shove things under there when I don’t know where to put something or what to do with it so it gets cluttered very, very quickly! 


Office Organization Under the Desk


With this project I sat on the floor and emptied everything out in those two metal filing cabinets. In one drawer I have my ribbons, bags and tags that I use for Baby Swags. The drawer on top I filled with my envelopes, display stands, and tissue paper that I also use for Baby Swags. In the second filing cabinet, I have my photos, die cuts, hot glue gun and all my scrapbooking items. One day, I’ll actually find the time to get caught up with my photo albums too!  The top one houses all my blogging files and paperwork.  Then next to that, I have my scrapbook caddy that houses all my papers and books, etc…that I need for an on the go scrap session. Then I have a box of client product {that I need to figure out where to put…so that might be gone as soon as I work my way “UP” the desk. Of course, every office needs a garbage can and I hate corners so I stuck it in the middle under there but it’s too far away from my chair so I may move that closer to me. AND, lastly, my foot massager! I cannot and will not get rid of that! Not now, not ever! Above that is a little shelf that houses all my power cords, disc’s and I found my Oracle Cards so I placed them all {I have 4 decks} in a nice wicker basket and put it on that shelf so I can use them daily!


Office Organization Under the Desk wide


Oh and all that stuff that was under the desk…it’s either in the garbage, or the middle of the room! LOL I have no idea what to do with it so once I get to the middle of the room, I’ll figure it out! 🙂 


Maybe you can help me here. The one thing I need to fix…all the ugly and unsightly cords. I HATE seeing power cords! I need a product that hides those. Do you have any suggestions? Did I mention that I HATE seeing them????


Next area of attack will be the TOP of the desk!