Oh “YES we CAN” fight with you CitiMortgage; we will be heard!

I can’t tell you the amount of phone calls that have been made to our favorite mortgage lender (insert eye roll here), CitiMortgage, but I can tell you, come Monday, they will be seeing me in one of their branches waiting to speak to someone in person!

Here is a letter that I have written and have sent to the CEO of CitiMortgage, my states Senator, Governor, President Obama as well as all our local media affiliates. This is being done to take a stand for my rights as a homeowner, as someone who followed the rules and as someone who has been backed into a corner as a result of a negligence and departmental miss communications. After you read my letter, think to yourself, “what would I do in this situation”, then feel free to make your own judgments and comments. I must warn you, it is a three page letter and I did remove some confirmation numbers and employee numbers. I am posting this letter so that others can see that they are in fact NOT alone and if I can share my story and get people to see that there are major flaws in our lending systems and possibly prevent someone from dealing with issues that I have already dealt with, then my job is done. However, in my case, I fear that I have a long way to go before our credit is restored and CitiMortgage owns up to their mistakes.

November 26, 2009
RE: CitiMortgage Loan Number #

Dear Sir,
I am writing to you to express my feelings as a tax-paying, American citizen with regards to the faulty, Government approved loan modification program, as well as the lack of employee training and knowledge that I experienced in my particular CitiMortgage modification case.

In the month of July 2009, my husband and I decided to apply for a loan modification because we knew that his job in construction was nearing it’s end. We wanted to prepare ourselves for what was to come. We applied online through CitiMortgage’s homeowner’s assistance links and those provided to us on MakingHomeAffordable.org. I received a call from the loan modification department on August 17, 2009, and during that time, Roger asked some questions, and I answered, including the fact that that my husband lost his job on August 4, 2009. I was placed on hold and after a few moments Roger came back and informed me that we “passed”, that we were approved! I was thrilled! I thought this was going to really help us out as we were already struggling with me being a stay at home mom to three children, and my husband who recently lost his job. Roger instructed me to stop making our monthly mortgage payments of $1710.12 and to start making what they call “Trial Payment” totaling $612.66 that would be due October 1, November 1, and December 1, 2009. During that time, they would send us “paperwork” that we needed to confirmed, signed and fax back to them so they can start the modification process and assign us a case worker and they would instruct us what our new payments would be near the end of our “trial period”.

Two weeks went by, we received no “paperwork”, so on September 22, 2009, I called and spoke with Kion in CitiMortgage’s Homeowners Assistance department who informed me that he would “put in a request to have the paperwork resent”. I was instructed to wait 5-10 business days and it would arrive via UPS. I waited.

On October 1, 2009 I called the Homeowners Assistance Team and spoke with Matt to make my first “Trial” Payment. He informed me that he was ‘locked’ out of the system and transferred me to Mandy. She too was ‘locked’ out and she too transferred me. I finally spoke with Roberto who waived the phone-processing fee and accepted my $612.66 “trial” payment to which I was given a confirmation number of *******. A letter dated October 2, 2009 was sent to me confirming a Western Union payment of $612.66.

I waited two weeks, and still received no paperwork, so I called again, this was on October 10, 2009. I spoke with another CitiMortgage employee, Shawna, who said, and I quote, “I don’t even see a request for the paperwork to be resent, I will go ahead and do that now for you.” She informed me that I would have to wait another 10-15 days and if no “paperwork” arrived, I was to call back and speak with a supervisor.

On October 16, 2009 I called and spoke with Sandy. I explained my situation again and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was placed on hold for 30 minutes, 5 seconds before I was disconnected. I attempted a second call and spoke with Julie, whom again, I told my story to asking for a supervisor. I was placed on hold. A supervisor by the name of Sami took my call. Explained that I never received my paperwork showing that this loan modification was in fact taking place and expressed my concern that my credit would be suffering as a result of their negligence. She assured me that this would not affect my credit and she would make sure that it was kept up to date and current. She placed me on hold to speak to the loan modification department. When she returned on the line, she told me that the papers would in fact arrive and they had been sent. I was given a confirmation number from her conversation with the loan modification department of *****.

October 27, 2009, I called 636-261-2464, which was not in service. I called 636-261-2884, again, not in service. I then called 800-283-7918 and spoke with Sonia at 12:52PM CST and was transferred to Eric (#*******) at 866-272-4749. I explained my story that to me at this point sounds like a recorded message, that I have never received paperwork that was needed to move forward with my loan modification. I asked to speak to another supervisor and was placed on hold. A few moments later, Eric comes back on the line and tells me that no supervisors were available. He looked into my account and he told me that the HAP tool did not approve my loan and that we would need to start the process all over again because the initial process was not confirmed. Eric told me that he would take care of it and to continue making the “trial” payment. He would re-order the “paperwork” and it should arrive within 10-15 business days. The paperwork would be arriving via UPS from Maryland.

November 1, 2009 I had called to make my second “trial” payment by calling 800-723-7906, but no answer, so I decided to call back on November 2, 2009.

November 2, 2009 @ 9:00AM, CST, I called to make my second “trial” payment and spoke with Tiffany who informed me that my account was not showing that we were in a “trial” period and she transferred me to the loan modification department so they can get the information entered correctly. When Jamie answered, I immediately asked for a supervisor. Ravneet (#*******) took my call.

Ravneet (#*******) told me that the modification was never “verbally” approved there for she would have to go back and get additional information, took my verbal confirmation that we had applied for a loan modification and that all the information that there were no changes with regards to the financial information previous provided back in August. She informed me that she would check into our account and call me back by the end of the day. The day came and went and there was no call back from Ravneet so I called again on November 3, 2009 and at 9:25AM, CST, I was told by Crystal that the loan modification that was originally approved back in August, a conventional loan modification, was not the correct modification for my loan type, which apparently is backed by Fannie Mae and that unfortunately we would have to go through the application process all over again to get approval for President Obama’s government approved loan modification. I was, needless to say, furious and frustrated over this whole ordeal to this point. Crystal told me she could take our information over the phone. I gave her all the information that she asked for, including the fact that my husband has been out of work since August 2009. She placed me on hold and within a few moments she came back and replied to me, “you have been denied”. She said with my husband job loss and lack of income, we are in a deficit. Well, yeah, ya think, this was why we were applying for a loan modification to begin with! I thought, “great”, now what do we do. We are now 3 months behind on our regular mortgage payments because I was told to cease making them and to start making a “trial” payment. I asked what our options were at this point and she simply said, a short sale.

Basically we were left in a situation, not of our doing, but that of CitiMortgage to have to fight to save our home from potential foreclosure and/or short sale. We were left with no options, no forbearance, nothing, it was basically pay up to get your mortgage current, or you will either have to do a short sale or foreclose on the property. I immediately hung up the phone and started to cry, to the point of hyperventilation.

I did everything that I was instructed to do. I started to pay my reduced, “Trial” payment beginning October 1, 2009. However, due to CitiMortgages lack of knowledge, I soon became 3 months delinquent and our account fell into a default status. I was receiving phone call after phone call from CitiMortgage as to why we were late paying our payments and each time I would tell them that we were approved for a loan modification and that we were waiting on our paperwork. I received letter after letter telling me we were late and that our failure to pay was going to be reported to the different credit reporting agencies. Each time I received a letter, I called and told them of our story and that we were waiting on our paperwork, which is all that I was being told from day one.

November 23, 2009 I received a letter dated 11/17/2009 stating I was one month behind and still in a delinquent status. How could this be after I worked some sort of magic and was able to borrow money from a family member to get our mortgage current with our bank showing that the check had cleared? Again, I phoned CitiMortgage to find out why. I spoke with Ronnie, teller #***** and explained my situation to him and after looking at my account he said to me, “Wow, is shows that you cancelled your loan modification and that it looks like you had a really bad experience working with Citi”, he went on to say that it was clearly a miscommunication from one department to another. He requested that the unapplied funds be applied correctly and that he would make sure that there are no late fees assessed as a result. He provided me with a confirmation/reference number of ********. To this day, November 26, 2009 I am still receiving phone calls from CitiMortgage and I would like for them to stop. I would like for CitiMortgage to clean up my account immediately.

This is my home. This is where I have raised three children who are now 5, 8 and 11. My husband and I have worked so hard to have what we have and for an error of this magnitude, caused by a negligence on the part of CitiMortgage, I am sorry, but that is unacceptable and incomprehensible to me. How can a government program and lenders that offer these programs let the American people down; let me down? These are the programs that are supposed to be there to help families stay in their homes; that have requested assistance as a result of a financial hardship, such as job loss or medical issues?

As quoted by Sanjiv Das, the CEO of CitiMortgage back on April 27, 2009 in USA Today, “Our people are driven by the ability to find innovative solutions, as opposed to doing the same thing we do in good times, “ Das say. “Our mantra to people is very clear: It’s about keeping people in their homes.” Is that so, I ask Mr. Das? This statement is far from the truth from what I’ve seen and witnessed.

How can they (government and lenders) let us go on believing and thinking that everything will be ok, when they know it is isn’t? We are facing one of the worst recessions, and you want us to believe that we are not, with unemployment at 10.2% and 15 million people out of work who are now faced with financial hardships and at risk for losing their homes? And if that wasn’t enough, as a result of CitiMortgage reporting our payment default to the credit reporting agencies, we have received notifications from our creditors that they were lowering our credit limits, raising our minimum payments due and basically making it impossible for us to pay them. It’s a complete downward spiral.

You all should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing this to happen. Allowing the American people to be taken advantage of and mislead by financial institutions. And for allowing it to continue to happen and yes, I am speaking to the lenders and banks that we all helped bail out, to the government officials and their staffs who are still flying the friendly skies on their private jets funded by tax-paying American citizens. While you all are going to the place that you feel the safest at night, your homes, we face sleepless nights and are left fighting and trying to stay in ours.

And, just for the record, because I am sure this will come up, my husband and I were never late on paying our mortgage, car loans, or credit card payments when he was working full time as a Union drywall finisher. It wasn’t until he was laid off on August 4, 2009 that our entire world took a 360-degree turn for the worst. We have made some mistakes along the way, but we have always owned up to them, which is more than I can say for the CitiMortgage organization.

In the grand scheme of things, this may or may not amount to anything substantial, but I will at least go to bed each night knowing that I had stood up for my beliefs, my family, my home and myself. And, to ease your curiosity, we did borrow money from a family member to get our account current, however, December is approaching and the funds to cover an $1800.00 mortgage payment, a home equity loan, food and utilities for a family of 5, we will fall short again.

I would like an apology from Mr. Das, as well as an explanation as to why my loan modification situation was never dealt with accurately, effectively and efficiently by any of the employees representing CitiMortgage. I would like to have some efforts made by CitiMortgage to help us stay in our home, as it is CitiMortgage who should be held responsible for their negligent actions regarding this matter. I would also like them to take the necessary steps to repair our credit by contacting the credit reporting agencies and having their faulty information withdrawn. I would also like to hear back from my government officials as to what they are doing about situations such as mine, or similar. How are you making changes to show support for the American people, and their dreams of owning and staying in their homes in this extremely tough economy? This is not the America I would have expected for myself, and I fear for what this will do to our children in the years to come. It seems that the term “Land of Opportunity”, has become, “Land of Opportunities Lost” and that is putting it mildly.


Please post your comments regarding your experience in dealing with CitiMortgage. I want to see just how many people are being taken advantage of and see how we can take action now to prevent it from happening again and again and again, as well as to find ways to restore what we have all lost. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and learn more about what CitiMortgage has done to me and this letter does not even express the stress and anguish I have experienced in the last three months and sadly it continues because we just received another letter from Citi stating our account is delinquent. Please make Citi just go away!


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  1. I am sorry for what you had to go through. However, there is not much that can be done. I would not have started to pay the “trial” payments until you received your paperwork. You should have continued to pay your monthly mortgage until you signed the agreement and received the paperwork. Nothing is final till it is written in writing and you have signed for it. Sorry but you kind of made a dumb mistake. I am sure the excitement got your head when you where told you were approved, but after weeks and weeks of not getting your paperwork, you should have just started paying your mortgage payment to keep that up to date until things got settled out. Best of luck.

  2. With all due respect, you are so wrong. There is something that can be done and I am doing it. I am speaking out against our faulty loan modification systems, speaking out against those who accepted OUR bailout money that OUR taxes are going towards, and those who have taken advantage of me and the more people that do that, the more we are heard. Just like the old saying, United we Stand, Divided we Fall…same mentality applies here as well. The more we stand up and speak out, the more we are heard. Google search CitiMortgage Class Action Lawsuits, or CitiMortgage Loss Mitigation, or CitiMortgage Loan Modification and you will see how many people this has hurt in one way or another. It simply is not right for a company who was bailed out and accepted their bail out to treat their customers who have never defaulted or those who are in any type of financial burden in the way they have been treated. It’s even been stated by Citi employee’s that things are a mess behind the scenes and when asked for assistance in helping customers, no one is there to train or teach people how to deal with this situation.

    Now I can say in retrospect that yes, I should have trusted my gut instinct and never applied for this modification to begin with, but with our income cut in half and our mortgage taking up 2/3’s of it, I was left with nothing but hope that a modification was the answer to our prayers. I can say that yes, I should have done more research and that ‘could’ have played a bigger impact on what steps we took, but the past is the past and the only thing I can do now is pave a better future, not only for me but for my children. As I stated, yes, we made our fair share of mistakes, there is no denying that, but we have addressed them head on while CitiMortgage dances around the truth.

    If I can do anything from here on out it is to warn people to not fall victim of this company’s bad customer service, bad business practices and faulty loss mitigation/loan modification programs.

    In a perfect world, I’d have enough money right now to pay my home off in full and never have to deal with a mortgage lender again! But, until that time, I will continue to fight for what I believe in.

  3. First off…John ( November29,2009 @ 9:52pm) You obviously work for Citimortgage and or are a scorpio (generally selfish). Walk a mile in other peoples shoes before you make such an unworthy comment!!
    Do some research on Citimortgage and some other lenders and servicers that have completely laid prey on innocent homeowners before you even think of making a comment!!

    To: Mommymentor,
    I feel your pain! When reading your story it mirrored my situation almost to a tee!! I was current back in March 09 and received a letter from Citimortgage offering a loan mod. Since my husbands business was going down I thought I would take advantage and call. I did and spoke to a very nice women who took all my financials..put me on hold and came back to tell me that not only do I qualify but my payments would be cut in half!! Yahoo..sign me up!! She said a drive-by appraisal would be ordered and I would hear from them as well as receive docs within 10 business days and to sign them and send back. I received a “workable Solutions” Packet. I filled it out and sent it back with all other docs required. I would continue to call to follow up, but all reps would say its in process. On April 28th I called as I always did and the rep said I was approved and would receive the doc within 5 biz days….nothing in 5 biz days! Please note that every time I called I would ask if I should send money…Answer: “Oh no, it will throw off the final amount you will owe monthly once the Mod is done” I do what I am told. Basically I NEVER received ANY paperwork even after calling every other day! They would always say we are so backed up please be patient. So patient I was ( while still calling every other day)
    On July 24 2009 I get a call from Jamal Mjuangi (India) stating that he is in charge of my account now. I asked about the paperwork I have been waiting for. He said that they have it all…HUH?? All they needed was 2 more docs. Docs I had already sent by mail. Said I need to refax them…I did. Again 3 weeks go by…I call Jamal…says he did not receive docs and demands a payment of 600.00 even though he admitted that on August 20th I was AGAIN approved for a Loan Mod…I said where are the docs I need to sign?? Conveniently his phone disconnects. I call back the next day to find out that Citimortgage “Charged off” my account!! They even admitted that it was there mistake in not submitting my docs in time.. Crooked mother #$@%^&*’s
    Lets FIGHT!!

  4. It is absolutely disgusting how these lenders are getting away with so much of our time AND money! I’d love to charge them with a fee or two for the amount of time and energy I have put into this. Please see my follow up post and stay in touch! Spread the word. It’s the only way we can all be heard! I used to be afraid to talk about finances and where we stand…not anymore! I am talking about it with anyone who will listen! In fact, I have a call to place on Monday (Dec 7, 09) to a reporter for the Chicago Tribune and I DO plan on using my voice and I DO plan on stating my story for the world to read!

    I’ll be sure to post any and all updates!

  5. Can’t wait to hear what the outcome is with the Tribune. Keep me posted!! If you really want to see some crooks, google Select Prtfolio Services (formerly Fairbanks Capitol) they have my first Mortgage!! I have to contact the Attorney General on these creeps!

  6. Hey Phyllis! I just read about your nightmare with your mortgage company and wanted to comment that we have been going through the same thing. I do not have the same company mine is PHH and we have been at this since december of 2008. (Not kidding) Same exact thing happened to us, my husband lost his job. I was never late on my mortgage either. At the time we had two homes which was very scary. We knew we could not survive with our other bills. We had perfect credit and now it is not so good because what has happened. We were supposed to hear about our modification going through last week and we have not heard. (no one will respond either) I have written to the BBB, attorney generals office, and all local TV news. It has been a nightmare and our world has been turned upside down. I, like you, have children to think about so it is very hard. Contact me if you want to chat. No one has a clue how awful this is unless you are going through it. Your letter is great!! Hang in there!!!

  7. I just wanted to say that we are in the middle of the same type of thing. Our ordeal started in September…when we did recieve the paperwork from Citimortgage and started making the modification payments as agreed to in the aformentioned paperwork. We made every payment at least a week early. Come February 2010, we were denied the modification that the paperwork said we were approved for, and suppoosedly are now $3000 behind on our mortgage. Huh!? We never missed a payment, and have a written agreement outlining the amount that we were to pay (and did pay). When I call Citi, I get a different answer from each and every induividual that I speak with. Emails to their management go unanswered. Phone calls rarely get to a supervisor without being disconnected. Reaching anyone in upper management is impossible. Letters to political representives go unanswered as well. I am at a loss. I would really appreciate any information on any help that is out there, as I can’t seem to find any. My advice…don’t trust a word that Citi says…not even if its in writing.

  8. Wow! and I thought I was alone. First of all my message to John is,” ignorance is bliss.” I’m not trying to mean, but you must get the facts before you speak out on something as fragile as the livelihood of families in distress. You are so off base, an uneducated about this entire process. Look around at all of these web sites with the same issues. Here are two more to get you started.” http://themortgageinsider.net/mortgage-reviews/citimortgage-review.html/comment-page-13/#comment-29332, and http://www.afscanhelp.com/companies/mortgage-companies/citi-mortgage.cfm.
    Mommy mentor has done nothing wrong. None of us has. We made an attempt to take advantage of the help that was offered to us. We are hard working people that take pride in our families, communities, and we are people of integrity. Before I began the process of a loan modification through Citi-bank, my fico scores for all three bureaus were 798, all three! I have owned a condo for 10 years, lived in it for 7 years and I have been leasing it out for the last three years, never late not one time. I have owned my home for 3 years, never late, not one time. Every credit card, every utility bill, any and every bill that I have, has always been paid on time, thus the high fico scores.
    Now here’s my repulsive story in regards to Citimortgage and their horrible customer service and unethical practices. I will copy and paste my story because I am posting it everywhere that I can to anyone that will listen. Hopefully this will help prevent some unknowing family from going down this very destructive, stressful, unhealthy, road.
    I have been in the process of acquiring a loan mod for the last year. It finally closed, after much turmoil, but when I tell you it was a night-mare, Freddy Kruger has nothing on CitiMortgage.
    I have never been late on my mortgages not one time since there inceptions. I lost a large portion of my wages due to downsizing, and lost about $120,000 in equity depreciation in my home. I had to do everything I could to pay my mortgage on time, I used savings, credit cards, borrowed, whatever I had to do, but I have never been late. Before beginning this process I asked three different representatives if a modification would affect my credit. ( My fico scores were 798 for all three bureaus) I was told, no it won’t affect your score, it will only show that you are in the process of a modification.
    The beginning of the process was so stressful that I found myself literally crying on the phone to one rep., because of the frustration from the stress of dealing with representatives that literally did not know what they were doing. “Unbelievable” All I could do was follow the instructions that they gave me and that’s what I did to the letter. I was told I was approved, two weeks later I was told I wasn’t approved, two weeks later I was told I was approved, and to begin making the trial period payment of $1,896.00. When I told this, I put much emphasis on the question regarding my credit. “Will this affect my credit score?” “No Ms. Fisher, it will only show that you are in the process of getting a home modification and that won’t even be reported for at least three months.”
    During the course of the modification, I was sent finalized paperwork after the trial period, with a payment of $1,235.00 PITI. I sign the documents, had them notarized and mailed them back. I called to ask a question and was congratulated on the closing of my modification, by a underwriter named Ryan, with the congrats, he just happened to mention that my new payment was $1,786.00. I told him “no Ryan the final docs I signed, notarized and sent back, were for $1,235.00 PITI. (I hope you are sitting down John, Mr. we coulda, shoulda, woulda!) Ryan went on to tell me that they mailed me out the wrong documents. “Oops were so sorry” we will send out the correct final replacement docs @ $1,786.00mo for your signature right away.” Was I in a nightmare, could this be real? YES it’s real! Unbelievably real!!!
    The loan modification is finalized, but guesses what? It’s finalized with one payment in arrears. (“But maybe I should have mailed two of my new payments in just in case Citibank made this mistake and needed time to fix this mess, right John?”)
    They close out my account with the new balance, showing me one month in arrears. How in the world do you open an acct. after a modification, where the entire loan was closed out to a (0) zero and still wrongly show a payment in arrears. But I hope you sat back down John, they have the nerve, audacity to report to my credit bureau that I have been 4 x 90days late on Citibank mortgage. I am so mad, that even typing this, my blood pressure has to be sky high right now, because I feel so much pressure, my neck gets so tight it’s hard to turn my head, I can just scream right now!, I need to walk away for minute. Ok, I’m back.
    I had AAA credit and no where on my credit report does it say anything about a loan modification. only that I have been 4 X 90 days late, which is a bald faced lie.
    When you call them, you can never speak to the same person twice. Anything that a supervisor or rep tells you they are going to do in your favor, like fixing their mess, you can forget it, because you will never hear from them again.
    I just called them yesterday to find out why they have note fixed this stupid mistake of theirs with showing me a month in arrears. They told me last week that it was because they had no record of my January 2010 payment. Asked me to do the research and send them the proof. I copied my Wells Fargo paid transaction page, faxed it to the number that was given, low and behold, the number was wrong. Spoke to a rep who said, yes that is the right number, not sure why it didn’t work. She looked in the system and saw that the supervisor I spoke to also mailed a letter to my home with the instructions to mail the info to the self addressed address on the letter. The rep told me to wait until I received the letter and send in my proof that way, since she couldn’t figure out why the fax number wasn’t working. I mailed all of the info in the envelope provided, waited a week in a half, called to see if they received it and what was being done. Oh, they can’t find it. Then this new rep gave me the same fax number that the other two had given me and told me to fax the info. (WOW) This is after being on the phone for 1 hour holding. Had to call back, spoke to another rep that said, “We see that you made your payment, but it wasn’t posted to your account, I’m trying to find where the money was posted, she kept me on hold for 30 min, then the phone went dead. While all of this is happening they are surely still reporting false derogatory information to the credit bureaus. Today is 3/19/2010, I will not stop until this is rectified. You will surely see me when you look up, employees of Citibank. Remember Citibank is only the name of the Company; it’s the people that work there, that is causing all of this distress.
    I am willing to do whatever needs to be done. I was already looking for the CEO’s info, that’s how I stumbled across this blog. I am going to send a letter, I am going to call, I am writing the President, and I am calling channel 2 news.
    Let me know if there is a site or document that anyone needs signed. If there is a news channel that needs people to come forth. I will even fly if I have to. This is wrong. I pray for all of the people that are sitting behind those desks and letting this happen, because you reap what you sow. believe that!

    People, we have to stop sitting by and letting things like this happen, we have the control and the power. I totally disagree with John when he said “there is nothing we can do.” There is something we can do, if we are willing to put in the time. When the gas prices skyrocketed, we could have done something, not alone, but together. There were a lot of creative ways to drive the prices down, there still are. But we listen to people like John, who obviously have it all together, and plenty extra money in the bank. We could have only purchased gas from one of the Brands, and guess what. I bet the others would have come down on their prices, or would have gone out of business. (and you know they are not going to do that.) The greed and unfairness has gone too far. We are the ones with the power. We have to utilize it. But we don’t want to be inconvenienced, so sit by and let it happen. Well I’m going to be inconvenienced.

    God bless you Mommy Mentor, and everyone else that has been affected. I truly believe that what the devil has meant for our harm, God will surely turn around and use for our good!

    Does anyone know how to post our names, email addresses and phone numbers so that we can get in touch with each other. It’s not permissible to do that on the blogs?

  9. Hi my name is Tammy Terral and I”m having the same problems. If anybody will call me I would be greatly appreciate it. My number 251-609-7586 or email me at tuchudi@mchsi.com

    Thank you,
    Tammy Terral

  10. My husband sells lumber for new homes. Took a huge pay cut obviously. We started the process May 2009. We called Citi about a short sale because we just could not pay our mortgage. We were told we could apply for the modification. So we did, and we were told we qualified for the 3 month trail period, then it would be finalized. The man said “don’t worry you will be finalized based on the information you are giving me and this will not affect your credit score”. Three months go by, nothing. We call in August and guess what that man worked for a different company and they did such a bad job that they are not using them anymore. So we need to send in more paperwork and do the trail period again–just great! So we did that again. Novemeber comes and we find out that we do not qualify for the HAMP program, and we will hear from a loan couselor this week. A week goes by nothing. I start calling everyother day. Finally I get a phone call in January and a number to call back. Guess what –you could not leave a message, the mailbox was full. Called everyother day again, finally two weeks later I just happened to get her on the phone–and yes we needed to send more paperwork. We did. Nothing again for a week. Start calling again, leaving messages when I could, or calling a rep to email her to call me. After doing this for a month, we get another phone call that we had a new counselor–great–and she wants us to call her as soon as possible. Yes, it was another two weeks of calling everyother day–same thing leaving messages if we can or having a rep email her. Yes each rep says something completely different. After the two weeks we somehow got her on the phone–then your are in total shock! Yes guess what–we need more documents!! Faxed them, heard nothing! Again, a week went by and we starting the calling again. Two weeks later, we got a message to call right away! We did, this time I called everyday, sometimes 4 times a day. Nothing! Then we get a letter in the mail dated 3/31/10 that we have been approved for a repayment program–the payment went up $900 from our orginial payment that we can not pay–great! The first payment was due 4/01/10 with no grace period—I got the letter 4/5/10!! Why didn’t we just do a short sale!!! So I start the calling again. One rep told me that they had our income wrong and that was probably why, she said to resubmit everything. I never got a letter stating that our modification has been denied. I called the next day to go over our finances again and was told that our investor–Bank of America—is not participating in modifications at this time. REALLY!!! So basically it took citi almost a year to tell me this–why didn’t we just do a short sale? Then I find out that it is not just BofA, but it might be investor working with them, but who knows because I have had exactly 4 phone calls from my loan counselors since December. I got her email from another department (short sale dept) the loss mitigation would not give it to me. I emailed her last week asking what options do we have. Still waiting, still calling, still nothing! When I contact them, it says the loan is still in modification. I haven’t received any paperwork. If they are so swamped—why don’t they hire more people??? Train more people?? Something. We are probably right back where we started from last year–a short sale, but now our credit sucks. They said it would not affected our credit–LIE!

  11. Citimortgage is a DEBT collector. Read the fine print on the bottom of all letters. My Mortgage is owned by FHLB, Federal home loan back of Indianapolis They own the stock. I have been through the same mess and am fighting for my home. They are stealing our home and getting away with it. Shame.

  12. OMG!! This is my life right now. I was declined on April 16th after calling every week and was told it was fine. I was also told that my credit score would not be affected. I am now waiting on a traditional modification or to add 6515 to my monthly payments. I am freaking out, can’t sleep, and am having anxiety attacks. I was NEVER late on my mortgage!! My credit sucks. I have 100k equity in my house that was cash we put down. What can I do??? Ideas anyone?? This is the worst experience of my life!!

  13. I have a great idea to help prevent all this modifcation problems. We tell people to grow and stop trying to bail people out of the contracts that they signed. I am tired of hearing people complaining and whining. If you were renting an apt that they would not care and would evict you. What are we teaching are kids by saying, yes you signed a contract to pay but do not worry about your word, just complain like a baby and make someone else pay. I guarantee if there was no modification programs unemployment and welfare would be lower. People would have no choice, either work or you will loose your home!!


  15. The letter explaining the path of hardship listed above could be placed directly on top of mine. They are mirror images. This has got to be a fraud.

    I am from Al. and I sent a similar letter to my state rep. Jim McClendon and the Obama Administration, complete with documentation. I did get a reply from both, but no direction for help…I did contact a local civil judge and he said that the terms of your mortgage was changed when Obama signed the MHA law and he suggested to sue the hell out of them !!!

    CitiMortgage is a Fraud Company who accepted billions of our money just to scam us and we are dragging BP across the coals for a accident that they are trying to correct..Where is our protection from CitiMortgage and companies like them ???

  16. My girlfriend Kelly has lived in this home for seven years now. Due to the economy she was laid-off and my income alone would not cover the mortgage and bills. Then the “fun” started with citimortgage. Even to the point of having a final modification put into her bankruptcy (the BK was contingent on this reaffirmation for her to keep the house), they will not abide by THEIR agreement. As a matter of fact, they act as if it never happened. The 89-yr-old judge will not even consider a hearing from our attorney! Our congressman’s office told me they cannot deal with legal matters as it is a conflict of interest, and that the company would have to be taken to a civil court. I told him “WE CAN’T AFFORD THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS AN HOUR FOR A LAWYER! REMEMBER THE BANKRUPT PART?!!” He said get a pro bono lawyer.
    I cannot believe citimortgage is getting away with this! Is there no recourse for us against this blood-sucking corporation? I have read story after story from different people, from various states, about this company’s under-handed, deceitful ways. I have yet to find a politician or group that will confront them.
    Welcome to the new America.
    Leave your house, leave your job. Then the government will “take care” of you and your family.

  17. Is there a class action lawsuit against CitiMortgage? I would love info. on this subject.

  18. Our Story is the same as all of you. My husband lost his job in Nov 09 and we too applied for Homeowners Assistance thru Citimortgage and were approved over the phone. Made all the necessary Trial Period Payments and dotted our I’,s and crossed our T’s and DENIED! Once by the government for lack of income DUH!!!! and now by CItimorgage’s “Traditional Modification” denied respectfully saying that our Freddie Mac loan does not consider Unemployment “Viable incme” REALLY!!! Seven months later… After Phone call and fights with god knows what customer service agent and being disconected and on hold. The average phone call atleast an hour long verifying name address etc.. NOW they want their $ or they are going to foreclose…. One customer service rep had the nerve to say that my husband needs to look for a better paying job! I am in on any class action lawsuit against Citimortgage. They are wrong in everyway and should make things right. But they won’t and we the American people will suffer for trying to do the right thing. Now just like everyone else we had have to borrow $ and go deeper in debt to pay our mortgage. The amount of stress this has put on our household is awful. We would of been better off struggling to make our payment and 30 days behind then ask for help. So much for trying to do the right thing it made things 10 times worse for us and many many more out there………. IT HAS TO STOP!!!

  19. We were accepted by Citimortgage into the Home Affordable modification program on June 30th, 2009. We made the three months modified trial payments, gave them all requested documents, and after 3 months were told that ” they were slow because of such high volume of applicants, but that every thing was fine, to just keep making the new payments”. After 12 full months of making the payments, with continued assurances that everything was proceeding just fine despite the long wait, we are suddenly being aggressively pursued by collections. They are telling us that June 7, 2010 we were unexpectedly dropped from the modification program, but have given us no credible reason why. The are now considering us delinquent for the entire 12 months that we made the modified payments (and apparently they have reported us delinquent to the credit bureaus the whole time, too), and they want the difference back immediately, plus resumption of our original payments. They are aggressively threatening foreclosure.

  20. We have had a similar BAD expereince w/CITI, started loan mod. in April 2009 and were denied in June 2010(for lack of “paper work sent in”).
    Every thing verbal from them, no statement since May 2009!!
    They encouraged us to make Their amount of payment and now we are getting hit with everthing.
    It is a complete nightmare!! and there apears to be no help from anywhere. I think we need to do a claas action lawsuit now!! Have never done that but it sounds like we are all in the same fish bowl.

  21. My story is very, very, similar to your. Citimortgage rep called me to infom me that I had been accepted into the Loan Mod prom. Later I was denied 6 months later and now just recd a letter from Citimortgage attorney that they will be implementing foreclosure on my home. The fees that have been attached are outrageous. This is my home and my place of business.

    I have retained an attorney and we plan to fight with every legal entity that is allowable. As a result, my credit of 784 is not low 500. I am in senior management and your credit worthiness is always checked. I have been unable to find employment and get loans for my business because of what Citimortgage did. I was not late on my mortgage – I thought that I was being offered the mod because of the adjustable high interest rate. Additionally, Citimortgage has ruin my life and my business. I will stand with anyone that makes a stand against CitiMortgage. Pissed

  22. I pray that you can find answers for so many of us are that are drowning in CitiMortgage thievery. I have read many blogs that let me know that I am not alone. In October 2009, after significant home damage from Hurricane Rita, I moved out of my home so it could be rebuilt. I had to rent while it was being built, and ran into financial problems. I was current on my mortgage, but could foresee difficulty with making my November 2009 payment. I called in advance to let them know that i would be late, and after explaining my situation the agent suggested that i consider a plan to pay half my monthly mortgage for a couple of months and them a balloon payment that I agreed to pay during Income Tax time.
    I made the payments on time for three months before I started to get correspondence threatening forclosesure. I was devasted, and called Citi to find out what was going on. I spoke to a rep that said that the other rep should have never signed me up for the program because I did not qualify for that program, but there was an “OBAMA” program that would suit me better. She explained it to me and told me that after figuring my monthly income that I would need to pay and additional 100 dollars monthly while going through the loan modification. I did so for five months, submitting all requested documents only to get a call telling me that I did not qualify, and I need to pay 2800 dollars or face foreclosure. I am fifty-five year old single women that bring home 19,000 dollars a year, besides how can I owe all this money and be default on my loan if I never stopped making payment, even paying 100 extra dollars monthly. I was also told that my mortgage would be going up to 750.00 in January, when I have a fixed loan. My story is just one of many I have read of. If you could just tell me if there is any help out there for us, please. I am aging and cannot afford to start over. If you research you will find the horror stories, we have no where to turn while this goes unnoticed. Please just acknowledge that there is a serious problem concerning “CITITHIEVES” and give us somewhere to turn.

  23. Same story here, the threats of foreclosure and all the bells and whistles…the problem is the longer it takes the closer they get to kick u out of your home. They are already foaming at the mouth to get our homes, all the letters a calls are just prolonging the fact i believe they just want the property. most of us cannot afford to wait and go to trials and all the B.S. it takes to win, has anyone won yet? Its August 2010…I see posts dating back over a year ago, I have elderly parents i care for and life to live,yes in broke every month paying these so called ” we are here for you ” people who may have just answered a ad in their local papers, but reality folks what happens when the cops show and kick us out…I have heard of such things happening. Please someone have an answer that doesnt require me to quit working and stay on the phone writing down peoples names and ID numbers….I wonder sometimes if i shouldnt have fought so hard to keep my house from flooding in the great flood of 2010 in Nashville. I love my home, spent lots of money,every modern touch,upgrades galore, now they want to take it after 8 years of TLC.

  24. I have the same thing as all of you.. I even asked for a deferment for two months while I was laid off.. Mind you I attempted the modification in the fall and in March .. so in June I called for the deferment and was told yes, make my June payment then on July 1st call and they would defer the 2 months I was to be out.. called July 1st and was told no , you have to be back to work to have the deferment.. I was shocked and said what the hell are you talking about.. The supervisor again said I had to be employed for the deferment.. I said you have to be kidding if I was at work I wouldn’t be asking for this duh!!! I am in the process of dealing with an attorney and I to plan on writing to ever news station and congress members I can find! This is just absolutely ridiculous…

  25. Funny now I am seeing this is typical “$hiti-Mortgage Modus Operandi.” I have been going through pretty much the same thing. We “qualified” for a loan mod and made it thru the 3 mo trial period and kept paying the reduced payment way past the 3 mos while waiting for $hiti to finalize the docs. EIGHT MONTHS LATER we get a bill for a late payment of nearly $2,000 which is waaay more than our ususal (un-modified) amount of $550. per mo.) Turns out, they never did finalize the docs and informed us that we would have to start over. They promiced to send a new packet of docs requiring us also to update all of our financials since it has been so long since we were first approved. We waitied weeks and weeks but no new docs were ever forthcoming. I got a caseworker in the loss mitigation dept by the name of Liz Cory who was very very rude to us, even calling us LIARS when we told her we didnt receive any docs. She said she emailed them to us not once but twice (never recieved) then she said she faxed them also never received. Then she said they were sent UPS and gave us a tracking number. On the 19th of July Liz Cory called to see if we got the UPS package yet and we said no, we were still waiting. Then she got real mad called us liars (again) and said she has proof that the docs were delivered to us by UPS on the 19th of July. She gave us the tracking number and I called UPS who informed us that no package was mailed but that $hiti did print up a LABEL on that day…..ha ha. So $hiti made a label but never mailed the package…..no appoligies fro $hiti but a few days later we got the package (finally) only to find the terms of the mod were un-consiousonable for us as did not include $13,000 in escrow that we are said to owe,…nor did it do anything to reduce the principal on our upside down mortgage. I am fighting with them now to come up with a better plan. We have the advantage here as $hiti didnt even start the foreclosure process yet and we are already in a Chap 13 for other reasons. We can stall forclosure for a couple of years, if necessary.
    Also I have heard of some attorney / debt collectors working for the banks that are winding up owning some of these forclosed homes cause they are buying the debt from the banks for pennies on the dollar.
    Talk about adding insult to injury!

  26. Help! Same problems with Citimortgage. I too was misinformed and they just want to take my home. Please tell us how to fight back. We need lawyers to hear our case.

  27. Why 2 weeks ago

    We have gone through everything your posts have described. Our home was finally foreclosed on 1.5 weeks ago, and we moved out last week. TODAY, I get a phone call from Citi and they tell me that they need MORE DOCUMENTS, because they are still working on the modification. WHAT???????!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it. Do they think that this is funny?! The very last option that they gave me the day before the home foreclose (which they bought), was to pay $12,000 to them, and that the other $12,000 would be spread out for 6 months on top of my regular payment. I was told today that that wasn’t the modification option, but that it was the RE-PAYMENT option. WOW! So I asked if there is a possibility for us to get our house back, and she said that she didn’t want to mislead me, but that they would know within 24 to 48 hours. Either way, it is cruel to mess with people’s hope. We have been trying to modify for over 1 year, and have sent faxes and faxes, and even hired a modification firm as a last resource, and we still got foreclosed on. By the way, our trial modification payments were going to “Unapplied Funds”. Even if we get the house back, I would like to talk to an attorney to see what can be done with this psychological bullying.

  28. I just wanted to leave a comment and let you know that you are surely not alone. To be honest I did not even read your post all the way through. I feel like I have beaten the horse to death fighting with CitiMortgage. Everywhere I look for information all I see is the same thing over and over! CitiMortgage suggested a modification to me also. Needless to say 16 months later I came out with a tarnished credit score that was at one time stellar, a payment that went up by $10 and a principal balance higher than I started with. I fought hard and long with endless hours on the phone speaking to different people every time. They lost paperwork over and over, gave the info to the wrong people and god knows what else. Sad top say I am looking into a short sale currently and plan to stop making payments as soon as I get the info I am seeking. The way I figure it I am still young and I should recover from this just in time to start a family and buy one of these foreclosed homes for myself! The Realtor told me today that after their research the best price a house was sold for in my area recently was $75000 less than what I currently owe! And I do not owe much more than that which absolutely disgust me! So not another dollar into this place and EAT THIS CitiMortgage!

  29. I have the same situation! Verbally told I qualify, but system issues couldn’t process, 8 months later; receive a letter that I didn’t qualify when I do. Now 1 month to pay, set up with new terms (escrow account) which I have always paid my own taxes and paid extra to have it set up that way! I have contacted the US Department of Treasury. I am looking for an attorney they can have most of the money they gain from the case! IT was mishandled and Citimortgage gets Government money for trying to set people up on these plans. I think that is why they drag it out so long! Any attorneys wanting to sue Citimortgage please post!

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