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    Our summer homecations

    Boy what to do with three kids this summer has been weighing heavily on my mind lately. More so now that there is only 6 more days of school left. Usually it would be great to drive up to Wisconsin and spend the weekend at the Dells, however with the cost of gas, expensive hotel stays, food costs, we are choosing not to spend our money on that at this time. So, what is a family of 5 to do this summer? We have to get creative.

    Some ideas I have that are pretty standard would include:

  • Contacting your local library to find out what special summer reading camps or incentives they have for children and get them scheduled up.
  • Get the schedule for Borders bookstore, or Barnes and Noble because they too have special reading programs as well as weekly story hour.
  • Go to your local craft store such as Michaels, or JoAnns because they have great kids craft camps at a reasonable price.
  • Check out your local pool and go there as a special treat.
  • Check with your local movie theater, most of them offer freebie days for kids. Ours offers it once a week and they are free!
  • Check with your park district as ours also offers “Movies in the Park” on Friday nights.
  • Some other fun things to do that is free or won’t cost that much, make your backyard a fun staycation getaway!
    If you enjoy camping, pitch your tent in the back yard and go all out with decorating it so you can play outside games, have a fire, eat smores, bbq on a charcoal grill, sunbathe, picnic, just enjoy the family while outside.

    If you have a swimming pool in your yard, create a beach theme with sand, umbrella’s, beach balls, eat hot dogs, chips and ice cream treats. Get new beach towels, pool toys, and make a rule that no one goes inside other than going to the bathroom!

    Let the kids have a lemonade stand or water stand. They need to earn some money to buy their own Webkinz you know! If they are really bored, let them wash your car, van, SUV. I know my kids will be doing that at least once a week!
    Hold a neighborhood chalk drawing party. Give all the kids their own chalk and let them go to town on the driveways and sidewalks and reward them with a nice cold drink or treat.
    There are many different things you can do with your kids at home that do not cost an arm and leg. The other thing you can check into is report card incentives. I remember last year Family Video was giving away one free rental for every “A” on your report card. One of the restaurants also gave away a free meal, not sure which restaurants offer that but it is worth checking into.
    If you have any fun, unique ideas for keeping the kids occupied this summer, and out of your hair, please share them. I am always looking for new things, projects and activities for them to do.

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