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    Special Christmas Gifts for the Fun Mom

    Finding those special Christmas gifts for the Fun Mom can sometimes be very daunting.  What do you get someone who always says she doesn’t want anything or is the hardest person to shop for?  I have a few ideas that might help to stir up your holiday gift giving creative mind.  The gifts I’m about to share with you are pretty inexpensive and range anywhere from $30 to $60.  That’s not bad at all for a completely unique gift for someone you love!

    Special Christmas gifts for the Fun Mom
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    5 Special Gifts For Mom


    I *received this blanket over the weekend and it took me by complete surprise.  I have always wanted one but never actually got one for myself or for a gift…until now.  Now that I have one, I think that every Mom, young and old will, no, should have one of these blankets.  My kids carefully opened the box and it blew me away when I saw it.  I was even more surprised when I touched it.  This is the Heart of the Home plush photo blanket from  

    All you need to do is upload the photos you want right into their site and you end up with this beautiful super soft masterpiece!  You can make simple edits to your photos or you can just upload as is.  There is no need to resize them to a special size.  When I say you just upload and hit submit, that’s really all you need to do!  All of the photos that I included were taken from my iPhone 6.  I edited one photo for clarity because it was a little dark but other than that, what you see is what you get.  For $59.99 it is a keepsake well worth the money.  

    Excuse the poor photo, it really does look and it feels even more amazing!  My kids were happy with how they looked on a blanket.  Several references were made about each of their looks….insert eye roll.  I even included our fur babies! 🙂

    Heart of the Home Photo Blanket from
    Pometta Family Photo Blanket 2016 from


    The Gift of Giving

    My next gift would be the  OF SIGNATURE SCARF | DENIM from  What I love about this scarf is that 100% of the proceeds go directly to their targeted charity.  With this particular scarf, proceeds go to the people of Denge.  They drink cloudy, smelly water from a hand-dug well that is in danger of collapsing. Each scarf is packaged with tags and material about the Obakki Foundation’s programs for clean water and information about the community that benefits from your purchase.  For only $29.00, every time you wear this scarf you will be reminded that you are helping a community receive access to clean water.  It is truly a gift for giving….in more ways than one.

     Obakki Foundation's signature scarf for clean water
    $29.00 from


    The Gift of Comfort

    Who doesn’t love a great pair of socks?  These Cashmere socks from Pair of Thieves are the perfect blend of Cashmere and Cotton and will leave your tootsies feeling so comfortably sexy!  The founders Cash Warren, Alan Stuart & David Ehrenberg created a fashionable sock that has an athletic fit with a casual look.  Any mama will love to have her foot wrapped in the most fitting sock!  The Cashmere socks are $50 per pair and they also offer socks for dads and kiddos.

    Cashmere Socks by Pair of Thieves
    Cashmere Socks by Pair of Thieves – $50


    The Gift of Entrepreneurship

    Here is another great gift that supports women.  The Trotter Jute Tote from  This cute tote is $48.  Zink partnered with NGO (non-government organization) in South Asia to ensure that every bag in their Jute Collection is made responsibly.  In addition, they are dedicated to a just and poverty-free world.  Their partner promotes local leadership and entrepreneurship among women artisans to establish a sustainable economy and nourish a self-reliant and gender-balanced society.  Holla!

    Trotter Jute Tote $48


    The Gift of Art

    And last but certainly not least, the ever so funky Rain Tote by  This is a super fun and funky tote for the spunky mom!  This holiday collection tote is truly a one of a kind and filled with urban art and pop music!  If Mom is interested in the Arts, this is a great gift to give.  Not to mention, it’s light weight and vibrant bag comes with a matching small clutch.  They offer some pretty cool designs.  This fun bag is only $55.  Be sure to check out their other designs!

    Lightweight Tote, packable, digital print in vibrant colors
    Rain Tote by C-Starz $55


    So, if you are looking for a truly unique gift, I hope that I have inspired a little bit of creative thinking with these options.  No matter what you give, I am sure your Mom will love the gift.  We always do! 🙂

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