Spruce up Wall Decor

I have a wall that is just blah! It is right at the top of our stairs and I have to stare at every day. It is part of the boys playroom and I started decorating it with cute ideas and intentions, but never finished. It has been months now and I am tired of looking at it. It was just not what I wanted it to look like and I got discouraged and just left it. So, finally I have had enough!

Originally, I took old books from the boys, ones that were either torn or damaged or just outgrew, and cut the covers off the books and framed them on the wall. I also placed a picture I found of my youngest’s favorite movie. 🙂 So, I framed them all and hung them up and left it at that. But, it was a little boring and lack luster. Didn’t give the affect I wanted. So, it sat that way for months.

So after a few months and several trips to the store, I picked up a few B’s in different sizes and shapes. B is for both my boys names. 🙂 I spray painted the plain white frames and hung the B’s in between. I only hung 2 of 3 B’s because the 3rd B is going to be used in Braden’s Party this summer and will be hung up once the party is over. The small wooden B I painted navy Blue, was about $1 at Hobby Lobby. The metal B was around $2.00 at Hobby Lobby as well.

It is still a work in progress, but so much better then before. Just goes to show that a little paint and a little item can make a huge difference. I will add the other B later and have more ides to hang up there. Will be perfect once I am done.