These Bath Bombs Don’t Explode!


Most of you don’t know my 11 year olds personality so it’s going to be hard to let that shine through in this post but I’m going to make every effort so that you’ll sort of get a glimpse of it.

She’s not very girly so when she tries, I have to cherish every moment I get because it could be months before it occurs again.

Lately she’s been on a “bubble bath” craze.  She likes to go and take a bath because it “helps me to relax”, as if an 11 year old has so much to be stressed about.  So every day after school she will come home and get her homework done, chill a bit by watching her favorite chef or gaming expert on YouTube.  After that, she goes up for her daily soak.

My mom had given me a little package that resembled a snowman.  He was made with 3 bath bombs, small, medium and large.  I gave it to Gianna because I knew she would love to add them to her bath.  I told her to just plop one in her bathtub when she got in and let it fizz away.  She was so excited to use them so she ran upstairs and did her thing.

Afterwards she came downstairs rather disturbed looking so I asked if her bath wasn’t relaxing enough.  She looked me square in the face with all seriousness in her voice and said…

Those stupid bath bombs didn’t event explode! Why call them bombs if they don’t explode?

I about died laughing.  She looked like she was seriously upset that they didn’t do what she expected.  So to the makers of “bath bombs”, can you please start making them with a little more razzle dazzle because you’re seriously misleading today’s bathing youth.