Budgetless Prom Dresses

Yesterday we looked at Prom dresses on a budget— now let’s take a peek at Prom dresses without a budget.

Most of these dresses came from the lovely ladies at Diane & Company in New Jersey

You can also find one of the most expensive prom dresses at www.dressgoddess.com as well as many other beautiful dresses.


Tony Bowls $398 @Diane & Company

Xtreme Prom $258 @ Diane & Company

GiGi $218

Tony Bowls Short $258

B’Dazzle Plus $320

Jovani Short $320

Jasz 4211

Jasz 4211 $238 @ www.dressgoddess.com

Sherri Hill 2304

Sherri Hill $350 @ www.dressgoddess.com

$13997 Prom Dress

Guess the price for this prom dress?


What do you think?

Are you thinking the budget dresses can be just as glam with the right accessories?  Tomorrow I will show off some lovely accessories I found online for under $20.