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    Kohl’s Back to School Challenge #kohls101

    This post was sponsored by Kohl’s & we were provided gifts, however all thoughts and styles are ours and ours alone.

    This shopping challenge was a lot of fun, though the word “fun” wouldn’t be one that would automatically come to ones mind when you think of shopping with a 16 year old teen for four hours looking for the “right” outfit. But, watching said 16 year old teen in action while she went back and forth, rediscovering fashion in every sense of the word, that there was the fun part. Said 16 year old teen has her own style {more so of an indie nature) so getting her to “think outside the box” was the challenging part here. I have to say though, I am pretty impressed with her very different looks. We had to find an outfit that fit into three categories: School of Rock, Style Trip and Color Pop. Take a look at what she came up with:

    *School of Rock*

    School of Rock Kohls101

    The look:  For this look we found this really cool concert tee in the men’s section, I mean, what speaks rock-n-roll louder than a band t-shirt?  We paired this tee up with some denim Jennifer Lopez boyfriend jeans.  Of course the look wouldn’t be complete without a classic pair of white converse tennis shoes and a leather bag!

    This look speaks casual and comfort all the way around while adding a touch of rock-n-roll to show off your subtle wild side!

    ~Style Trip~

    Style Trip Kohls101

    For our Style Trip look we found this super cute geometric maxi dress by Elle and paired it up with Mudd’s tribal cuff and assorted rings all from Kohl’s.  We also added cute black sweater (because our schools are freezing in summer AND winter!) and some of our own black open toe chunky heel sandals.  I shared a close up of the fabric and the cuff and assorted rings because we loved the combination of jewelry and fabric design.  We feel all the pieces work so well together and created a wonderful completed look for a fashionable day at school, or a nice evening out with friends.

    style trip kohls101 close up
    We loved putting this outfit together the most!  I’d say after bonding for four hours in the store, this was by far the one we bonded the most on!  It is so pretty yet very sophisticated don’t you think?  

    <Color POP!>

    Color Pop! Kohls101

    With our third look, Color Pop, we wanted to find something that was comfortable yet fun and funky that showed some nice bright and trendy colors.  This one we found a nice pair of black tights {they were a score at only $7.99} and paired it up with a Kohl’s SO oversized hot pink, light weight long sleeved shirt.  We then decided to match it up with our white converse tennies with long chevron hot pink, turquoise, yellow and black socks.  We also found a bunch of Mudd bracelets that added a touch of color over the sleeves which happened to match perfectly.  This outfit really brought me back to my 80’s days the only thing missing here was big hair!  It is a fun and funky way to show off some color and not have it be too over powering.  Here’s a close up of our selected bracelet and socks!  {I love those socks!}

    Color Pop! Close Up Kohls101


    I hope you enjoyed the three looks we put together.  They were a lot of fun to create and I am so excited to share with you the next part of this challenge…creating three looks under $100!  With that post I’ll also be sharing a $100 giveaway so be sure to stay tuned!


    Which trend is your favorite:  School of Rock, Style Trip or Color Pop?






    1. I would have to go with the Maxi dress! Although, I think I would have to pick different sandals. Those would not work with my high arch. Any high school kid should be happy with all of the choices!!

    2. Awww Love it all! Super cute! I did the same challenge over on my blog, but with a twist because all my looks are for college students! Love your take on it!

    3. I LOVE the Color Pop! So much fun!!! The neon colors are so cute and I especially LOVE The tights!!! Great outfits you made there!

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