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    CitiMortgage, I know you are hearing me now

    Having a voice and using it is really refreshing! As you may have read, I recently sent off a letter to the CEO of Citi and have been waiting for a nice form letter in return, which I have yet to receive, but I have signed confirmation that someone at Citi received my letter. In the meantime, I did get two letters from Citi one stating that they have waived my late charges of $116.70 and an ‘inspection’ fee of $15.00. Yay, that is the least that they could do. On the letter they provided me with another mailing address to write to their customer service should I need further assistance. I will provide this address to you in the event that you need and seeing as that Citi locations, numbers and identities are locked away in a vault with our money. I am going to print up another copy of my letter and send it there as well, figure, can’t have it sent to enough places now can I? Address on the letter is:

    CitiMortgage, Inc.
    P.O. Box 9438
    Gaithersburg, MD 20898-9438

    Use it in good health! 😀
    My second letter that was dated 11/23/09 starts off by saying the following:
    “Our records indicate that you have remitted your mortgage payments in two separate installments. Our payment research department has corrected the processing of these installments and the funds have been applied as the payments due.”

    I am not exactly sure where this letter came from or what it is referencing, but ok, thanks. Great to see they are on top of things when they aren’t focused on loan modifications.

    It goes on to say that as a CitiMortgage customer, I may be eligible to participate in The BiWeekly Advantage Plan. Basically I would pay a fee of $375 and then a bi-weekly transaction fee of $1.50 to be able to make bi-weekly payments on my account. I know it could be beneficial to pay bi-weekly as opposed to monthly, but don’t you think this is just another way for them (Citi) to take MORE money from us? Do they really need to charge a “One time set up fee”? If it is a matter of verbally agreeing and having them put a check mark in a box I’d be scared to do this too!

    I was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune today and will have a camera person come out in the morning to do a little photo session for an article that will be written up about loan modifications, the approval and denial process and who gets them, who doesn’t….I was a “doesn’t”! The article will be in Friday’s Real Estate section and I will be sure to post a link or the article here for you to read.

    While I am on this mortgage modification mission, I might as well throw in the credit card companies too! Oh yeah, Chase, I am talking about you, so be on the lookout, your post is coming!

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