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I had the wonderful pleasure of reviewing a new skin care product.  I must admit, my skin is very moody lately!  I am not sure if it’s my age playing a factor or it’s just being stubborn, but lately, it’s like I have regressed back to my childhood and teenage years!  So, for me to find the right combination of products is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  That is, up until now.  I think I may have found “the” product for me.  It has really transformed my skin in a good way.  The Evande Trio Pack comes with their “Gentle Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover”,  “Alcohol-Free Pore Minimizing Toner”, and “Oil-Free Face & Neck Moisturizer”.

Let’s start with the first step, the cleanser.  This is the gentlest cleanser I have ever used.  It is so soft {it’s like putting silk on your face}, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling like you scraped your face, and it does not burn or irritate my skin like some cleansers do.  It has a scent that is much like baby soap, you know, like Baby Magic… I used to love washing my kiddos with that and it’s ironic that I can actually remember what it smells like, but it was the first thing that came to my mind when I used it.  It leaves your skin feeling super soft and clean.  It is a mild non-foaming cleansing system that effectively removes dirt, impurities, make up and oils.  That by itself is great, but then you add the toner to the mix and BAM, you have reached another level!  I have to admit {again} that I have never really used a toner so I was a bit hesitant to use it, but after I cleanse, I spray a few times and it feels really nice.  It is non-drying and again, it doesn’t sting or burn when applied.  The toner along with the cleanser really leaves my skin feeling a bit rejuvenated.  I swear my skin has started to look so much better than the worn out, dull looking mom skin!  I actually think I have a little glow goin on as a result!  Ok, so after I cleanse, rinse, apply toner, it’s time for the face and neck moisturizer.  I love moisturizers but sometimes they make you feel like you are caking on a layer of frosting.  The Evande moisturizer completes the system and it just seems to add that little bit of a pop to your skin.  It helps to tone and it isn’t greasy by any means so it is a wonderful way to end the entire process.  It leaves my skin feeling so fresh and I’ve even started to apply make up which is something that I haven’t done in years!

Another thing I like about Evande is the cost.  I hate is spending too much on skin care {among other things} so when I found out that the Evande Trio Pack was reasonably priced, it kind of sealed the deal for me.  When you purchase the Trio Pack, you will pay $24.99 for three 6.8 fl oz bottles of product {one Gentle Facial Cleanser & Make-Up Remover, Alcohol-Free Pore Minimizing Toner, and Oil-Free Face & Neck Moisturizer}.  They are a nice size for the price!  I have also noticed that my teen-age daughter has started to use Evande too and she has said that it makes her skin feel so soft and doesn’t leave a greasy film on her face.  She is a teenager so if she uses it, it must be good or I’m sure I’d hear a few complaints!  I even discovered that she snuck the three bottles into her room…why, I have no idea, but I think she was actually trying to steal them from me!

I am so excited to have finally found a skin care system that I actually like and can stick with!  When you get a chance, check out EvandeFacialCare.com!

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