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    {July} Business of the Month- FishFlops®

    Tots to Teens, believes in the entrepreneurial spirit, and when we share our Business of the Month we always hope the stories you read will inspire.  We are thrilled to share this month’s Business of the Month because this month’s entrepreneur will be entering High School! {Our first teen business owner :)}We hope you will share this interview with your children.  Madison Robinson has created the brand FishFlops®, FishFlops are adorable flip-flops, which exemplify Madison’s love of aquatic animals and the beach—perfect for the summer!  We are excited that we can share this remarkable vision turned reality…. Meet Madison Robinson the visionary behind FishFlops®

     T2T: What was that light bulb moment for you?

    Madison: The light bulb moment for me happened after a day at the beach.  I was born on Galveston Island and went to the beach all the time.  I loved to draw, color, fish, and play on the beach as a kid.  When I was 8 years old I was drawing and coloring and looked over at my many pair of flip-flops in my room.  I thought I would draw some of my favorite ocean creatures on an outline of a flip-flop.  I decided to call them FishFlops® and I showed my dad.  He was so excited.

    T2T: What pushed you to follow through?

    Madison: I think the fact that my family and friends thought the FishFlops® were really neat and they said they would buy them.  My family and friends encouraged me to keep on creating.

    T2T: How did you come up with the name FishFlops®?

    Madison: After I drew some fish on the outline of a flip-flop and I wrote the word, FishFlops.  I thought the name was catchy.  I showed my dad and said, “Look Dad, I made FishFlops®!”  He said that was the perfect name.

    T2T: FishFlops® now offers shirts and hats to coordinate with FishFlops®; do you see yourself designing more clothing in the future?

    Madison: Yes.  I love to go shopping and see all of the latest styles.  One day I want to see my clothing in the malls.  I want to create a life style brand.


    T2T: You have written Swimming with Spinner and Living Together at Sea by Orkicky what inspired you to write these stories for children?

    Madison: After drawing my characters, I gave them names.  It’s always good to have someone encourage you when you are afraid of doing something.  So, I thought these characters could tell a story but also be a friend to a child who needs encouragement.  

    T2T: Can you tell us more about the FishFlops® virtual world, when can we expect an arrival? 

    Madison: Right now we are focused on the footwear aspect of FishFlops®.  The virtual world will require a lot of time but we are in talks with a few companies that can help make this happen.

    T2T: What has been the most exciting thing to happen to you since becoming a business owner?

    Madison: The most exciting thing that has happened to me since starting this journey is getting my shoes into Nordstrom.  Walking into Nordstrom and seeing my product on the wall was a moment I will never forget.  Everybody at Nordstrom has treated me like family. 

    T2T: How do you manage it all FishFlops®, school, social activities, and teenage life?

    Madison: I’ll be starting my first year of high school soon and so most of my time will be on schoolwork.  Hanging out with my friends is something I really enjoy.  As for FishFlops®, I still have a lot to learn about the business side and that’s where my dad helps out. 


    T2T: When do you get time to concentrate on your designs? 

    Madison: Even though it is summer and I am spending time with my friends and doing things with my family, I understand that in this business there are deadlines that have to be met for next year’s designs.  I make time to concentrate on my new designs.

    T2T: It is summertime and everybody wears flip-flops but who would you love to see wear FishFlops®?

    Madison: I’d love to see kids across the country and my friends wear them.  We are making adult sizes next year so there will be something for everyone.  We recently donated FishFlops® to Shoes for Orphan’s Souls®, which provides new shoes and socks to orphans and vulnerable children in the United States and throughout the world.  I would love to see these children in my FishFlops®.

    T2T: If you had advice for kids who have a passion and want to create their own product what would you tell them? 

    Madison: I would tell them to write down their idea, share their idea with family and friends and get their opinions.  Be open to suggestions.  Be patient because it can be a long process but eventually things do start happening.  Never give up.

    T2T: What do you plan to do in the future?

    Madison: I’d like to see FishFlops® become a lifestyle brand.  I can see it as a way of informing kids about the ocean and the life in it, and things we can do to protect it.  Giving back is important.

         I cannot tell you how impressed and inspired we here at Tots to Teens are with Madison’s story.  She also has a giving heart, this past December Madison donated FishFlops to the children at Texas Children’s Hospital and the Snowball Express Military Charity.  Madison also shared her story with the children, “I enjoyed talking with the kids and sharing my FishFlops journey.  It made me feel good to share my FishFlops® and my story.” We are delighted that Madison has taken time to give back… we cannot be more impressed with her business ethic and her kind heart.

    To purchase your own FishFlops® we suggest the “lighted FishFlops®” Madison created for Nordstrom.  Please go support Madison and share her story and big Thank you again to Madison for sharing her!

    Maddie is such a sharing person she is giving away one pair of FishFlops to one lucky winner, plenty of chances to win! Ready… set… go! 

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