KayCee Stroh announces she’s expecting!

KayCee Stroh, of Disney’s High School Musical Trilogy, Celebrity Fit Club and FX’s The League, has a big announcement to make and just in time for the holidays! KayCee and her husband of 4 years, Ben Higginson, are expecting the first addition to their family. KayCee is just getting into her second trimester at 18 weeks and couldn’t be happier!

“It’s been a long time coming. Ben and I have been waiting for the right time but as anyone in the Entertainment business learns there is no right time. You just have to take that leap. We are so excited to have a new little member of our family, as well as the sleepless nights and joy that comes along with it!” said the ecstatic mommy-to-be.

KayCee is already working hard on decorating the nursery with a classic, romantic theme of mixed peaches and light creams with a bold choice of rich browns to truly make it pop.

“I wanted it to have an elegant feel but also bring a warm calming effect. Something timeless that still had that homeyness to it.”

While the pregnancy may have KayCee turning down a few projects currently, it has opened her eyes to dozens of new ideas. As an occasional spokeswoman for the plus-size clothing brand Torrid, KayCee has often thought about creating a line of her own. But after becoming pregnant, she realized that the maternity market doesn’t have many options to be stylish and sleek.

“The plus size maternity clothing is down right horrendous! It really breaks my heart. Why should plus size women not look equally adorable and stylish when they show off their baby bump?!”

The pregnancy has also helped both KayCee and Ben focus on a more natural lifestyle.

“Preparing to be a mother has opened my eyes to the products we are using on our bodies. If you do some research it’s terrifying to see the kind of chemicals that are in our cleaning and beauty products. Chemicals that are known to cause Cancer, Alzheimer’s and even reproductive harm! Yet we continue to lather it all over us in hopes of defying age or just for that perfect look. Its crazy! This journey has really made me more of a naturalist, which I could have never predicted. It’s funny how when it’s not just about you anymore your whole outlook changes.”

Congratulations KayCee and Ben! We wish you a safe, healthy and happy pregnancy!