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    Not Just Any Old Day

    You know that you have found the perfect gift or idea when people ask, “Where did you get that?”  That is usually an inclination that you made the right choice–  when others look on admiringly and want to know where they can get that item too…

    That is what happened to the creator of Not Just Any Old Day  Michelle.   Michelle wanted a special gift for her fiancé’ but could not find anything unique, she went ahead and created her own one of kind gift, a calendar key ring.  She was in love with how the gift for her fiancé’ turned out that she decided to make a calendar necklace for herself…. many admirers later we all can all enjoy Not Just Any Old Day jewelry.  Your special day is marked with a Swarovski crystal of your choice.

    I can totally attest to this– people see this necklace and LOVE it! How do I know?  I have my very own Not Just Any Old Day Calendar necklace and it is a hit… go ahead and swoon!

    {Isn’t it pretty? My special day? Our Wedding Anniversary :)}

    What I LOVE about Not Just Any Old Day–> Personalization.  I know I’ve said it here a million times I love PERSONALIZED gifts—but it is true.  The time you take to make something extra special for someone truly makes all the difference.

    "Graduation" Calendar Bracelet with Crown Charm and Swarovski crystal

    With Mother’s day, graduations, and baby showers coming up Not Just Any Old Day jewelry would make the best gift!


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