Our Summer Bucket List

Yesterday I posted about my quest for becoming more balanced this summer and I found another way to keep the kids busy.  I decided, along with the kids input,  to create a Summer Bucket List.  All it took was a $2.00 kids bucket and a package of  $0.97 clothes pins.  The kids and I sat there one afternoon and made a master list of things they would each like to do this summer.  Things that we have been putting off, things we have never done, and things we just think will be a lot of fun.  I even got my husband in on the list making.  We wrote each activity on one of the clothes pins and just clipped it onto the lip of the bucket.  When ever we are at a loss for what to do, one of the kids will close their eyes and pick a clothes pin.  What ever is on it is what we do.  Unless of course its something like Six Flags or Raging Waves, etc…those types of things require it to be a weekend or must be done first thing in the morning so we have more time doing what we’d love to do.  So far the kids went swimming and yesterday I took them to TCBY for a nice sweet treat!  The kids already picked something to do for today, we are going on a picnic in the park.  I think they are enjoying their summer so far with all of the new things mom is implementing!



2 thoughts on “Our Summer Bucket List

  1. How’s your bucket list going, Phyll? LOVE the idea… just wondering how well it’s taken off?

    1. Well I only had one item on the list -lol- I’m not an overachiever I guess! However I do plan on taking the kids out once more to a new location to paint. It was so fun, it warrants another outing!

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