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    {real party} Super Hero Academy

    My son is a huge super hero fan and when we began planning his party, we just knew we had to do Super Heroes. However, I was not liking the idea of a specific character or commercial theme. So, after weeks, and I mean weeks, of planning and thinking, I finally came to the conclusion, Super Hero Academy. The kids will come to train to be super heroes!!! It was perfect!

    Because the theme has not been over done, finding things proved to be a task. So, I made most of the items myself and did what I could to figure out the rest. Some of the highlights were the over sized shield for our front yard made from an old movie theater film platter. Hand made capes for the water bottles, a battle zone with evil villains (balloons) and a learn to fly lesson.

    At the end all the kiddos were able to put their super hero training to good use when the evil villain Doc Nacho came to ruin the party.

    Each guest were given capes, shirts, bags, swords, shields, and more to help them become a super hero.

    Kimberly and Loren’s Sweet Treats created the sprinkle cake, cookies, and cupcakes.

     I created the custom T-shirts, lanyards, Super hero ID’s, Welcome Sign, giant, shield, masks for balloons, buildings and backdrop for photos.

    Balloons from Party City

    Capes from Six Flags over Texas

     Super Heroes from Target

     Iron man/Captain America sign from Ross

    Tote bags from Oriental trading

    Shields and swords from Dollar Tree (not shown)

     For more pictures of the super hero party and details about the items I have made, please visit my page at

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