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    Rockford Tournament

    It seems like it has been forever since I have updated this site so I am now trying to get it all caught up.  The team had a tournament in Rockford earlier in the month (April 28 & 29) but I wasn’t able to attend it so I can’t really report on it other than…yay…they won!  I don’t know the scores, the teams, how they did as a team, all I know is they won.  Here are a couple pictures that were sent to me.  I must admit, I was kinda sad I wasn’t there.  It felt as if I was missing something and I hate that feeling!

    Scott holding his medal along with the standard number one finger!

    A very blurry picture of Steve and Scott…and a team pic of them all huddled up trying to stay dry.  It had started to rain during their final game and because they were the highest seeded team, they won by default after calling the game on account of rain…or so I’m told.

    So by now, I am not sure what their overall record is, but I’ll find out and share it in the next post! 🙂

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