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    Six Flags Mother’s Day Tournament

    I was a bit upset to find out we were playing on Mother’s Day…let alone in a city that required a hotel stay, BUT…after it was all said and done, it was one of the BEST tournaments we could have EVER played…and this is why.

    First, if you have read in my previous post about my dislike for GameDay USA, then you can understand where this is coming from.  I am bitter and I’m not afraid to admit it.  But, it is what it is…

    We were scheduled for an 8am game, followed by a 4pm game, followed by another game at 8pm.  Now, here is where I have my issue.  We were, I imagine, one of the farthest traveling teams and we get an 8am game?  Are you “effin” kidding me?  Not only that, but you also have a 6 hour wait, then followed by another 2 hour wait. Ugh…

    When you are on a fixed budget, you can’t just pick up and stay at hotels left and right, so we left our house at 6am to arrive at the field by 7:30am to get a team practice in before the game.  I made sure everything was packed up for our one night stay and was ready to go so all we had to do was get three kids up and out by 6.  It was easier than I thought.  After traveling for an hour and a half, we arrive at the field.  The tournament was at the Waukegan Sport Park.  My other complaint, aside from the early start, was the stupid $5 a day parking fee that we had to pay!  I hate paying parking fees when we already play to take part in the tournament anyway!  Anyway, I digress….

    We are at the field, which is very nice by the way and the boys do their practice thing.  We get ready to start the game and in the first inning, I cannot even begin to tell you what our team looked like.  From the first error, they just seemed to fall apart and got totally out of sync, to which they couldn’t get back into their own rhythm.  Lets just say they were bad…real bad.  They were slaughtered bad…. (15-3 against the Lake County Lightening) which I can’t say was a bad thing necessarily.  You can’t win every game, right?  So, after their butt whopping, we all went back to the hotels, checked in, got some food, did our things and met back at the field for game two at 4pm.  This time, the boys were on a mission.

    Scott didn’t have that bad of a second game, but it wasn’t the greatest…this is a strike, eeks!

    I don’t really know what this was (I am getting really bad at keeping track of how he does).

    We end up winning the second game by slaughter 16-1 against the Huntley Red Raiders. On to game 3 which was at 8pm against the Lake Zurich Cougars.

    Again, I am not really sure what this was, but the boys ended up taking this win too!  They won, 13-0 and we are on to the Semi-Finals!!!!!  They knew that they had to win both games in order to get that #4 seed spot and they did it!  We were all so very proud….

    Next post…the Semi-Finals and what happens next!

    Yes, that is Gianna. She is ready to take on the world, or at least the baseball world!!

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