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    Rolf Bleu fashion accessories for girls

    Rolf Bleu fashion accessories for girls

    Rolf Bleu gives girls a way to stay fashionable while having fun.  Gianna has always loved wearing hats, hats of all kinds.  And she looks super cute wearing them too which is a huge plus!  She doesn’t get that from me!  I look horrible in hats!  It’s true, I do and I’ve always hated that!  Anyway, back to Gianna.  Look how stinkin adorable she is wearing her new hat by Rolf Bleu!  We had the great opportunity to review a couple products, the slouch beanie and the Avana iPhone 6 phone case.  Gianna is seriously in love with her beanies and I think you can tell that by looking at her adorable smile!  With beanies being all the rage, Rolf Bleu provides girls with plenty of options from solid beanies to beanies with hashtags and fun words at $22 each.

    Rolf Bleu

    And that’s not all.  They have other items as well like the Avana iPhone 6 case/purse (shown below) and iPad and iPad Mini case/purses!  The Avana iPhone case protects the phone while acting like a purse and wallet.  It is a silicone case that has little rhinestones on the backside with a little strap to carry the phone with.  It has a slot on the back of it too that acts as a wallet that you can slide your money or credit card/debit card or license in without having to worry about it falling out.  

    The Avana iPhone 6 case comes in three colors and is $28 each.  Rolf Bleu has other fashion forward products such as bracelets, necklaces, snap backs, mittens, scarves and totes and have been spotted on many celebrities!  Heck, even I like the Avana phone case and have used it too because it’s so cute and who doesn’t love a cute phone case that is multipurpose?


    If your tween/teen is fashion conscious, check out Rolf Bleu.  I’m sure you’ll find something that’s perfect for them! 🙂








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