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    Simply Sundays: Link Up Party #37

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    Welcome to week 37 of the Simply Sundays Link Party!

    During the entirety of this special two week “What a Crock!” Simply Sundays Link Party, we will be picking out the best of the best and adding them to our Simply Sundays Pinterest Board, as well as posting them to our Twitter feed and Facebook page. You are in the right place if you want to share and find great crock pot recipes!

    After taking a week off, the Simply Sundays Link Party is back for week #37. During that time off, the other hosts and I, put our heads together and came up with a perfect fall themed idea for all of you. So get out your crock pot or slow cooker for our special, 2-week long Simply Sundays link party – “What a Crock!” What a Crock - large Fall is the time of year everyone is adjusting to the new weather and that doesn’t just mean putting away shorts and sandals for the next 6 – 8 months. It’s a time when we all crave soups, stews, and other hearty warm meals. Of course, not everyone’s schedule allows them to stand over the stove for hours to prepare a perfect beef and barely soup or fuss over lasagna in the oven. This is why the crock pot is truly a gift. If you’re thinkin’ your slow cooker is only good for whipping up tasty treats, think again! You can make room scents, soap, candles, and even play dough in one. If you’ve got an awesome DIY or craft project that is made in a crock pot, go ahead and submit it! Everyone has their family favorite recipes and crock pot DIY and craft projects that they swear by. We’re hoping we can all share them with each other! What’s better than finding a new crock pot dinner, dessert, or bread recipe to share with your loved ones? Or an incredible tutorial on soap making that would make great Christmas gifts. Start grabbing your favorite crock pot links and submit them to Simply Sunday Link Party’s What a Crock! The only criteria for your link is that it HAS to be made in the crock pot. Simply Sunday Link Party Rules Link up to your favorite crock pot recipes, DIY, crafts, or anything else that has to do with crock pots. There is no limit on the number of links you can submit, but please don’t link to your own linky party, product reviews or giveaways… The only stipulation for your links is that they have to be crock pot or slowcooker focused. Any submissions that do not meet that requirement will be removed. If you want to be eligible to be picked as a Featured submission, you must link back to one of the hosts/co-hosts of Simply Sunday Link Party on your blog post. We will be checking. You can link by using the button here or use a text link directly to this post!

    Girl Raised In The South

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    Girl Raised In The South

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    Submitting your crockpot link gives the hosts/co-hosts permission to use your link and the possibility of a picture in a future roundup, where you will be fully credited. We would also love it if you shared this link party, so send out a tweet or a Facebook post from this blog’s share buttons!

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