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    Three Easy Steps to Childproofing your Home

    Everyone wants to childproof their home and make sure that they are ready for the baby when he comes. But then the speed at which the nine months pass are amazing and before you know it you are worried about the fact that the child shall be coming soon and that you have not childproofed your house properly. Childproofing does not take time. All that it requires is a certain amount of common sense, some planning and a trip to the childproofing store where you can get everything that you want.

    Planning the Childproofing Task
    The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that you plan the whole task. This means that you may have to look at the world from a different perspective altogether – your child’s. Get down on your knees literally and check out the kind of things that can attract your baby. These may be hanging cords, bright colored table cloths, electrical plugs and sockets and other such things. It is important that you be able to put yourself in the shoes of your baby because what may attract him may be something you consider completely mundane and boring. Once you have started looking at the house from this perspective, make a list of all the things that you need to buy from the market.

    Shopping for Childproofing

    While there are a whole host of childproofing products that are available, you may not need all of them for your house. So day two of the childproofing task should basically be left for shopping for all the childproofing items that you have listed out. Make sure that you do not leave out anything because you will then need to come all the way just to get that one thing and spoil your schedule too.

    Implementing Childproofing
    Getting started with your childproofing does not take much. How much time you want to spend on each room depends on your comfort level. Otherwise it is easily possible to childproof all the rooms in one day after you have brought the childproofing supplies. Just getting them installed or doing so on your own may not take time at all.

    Not all Childproofing Requires Gadgets
    While there are these gadgets like child locks, electrical covers, stairway gates and the like that you buy, there are other aspects of childproofing that do not need any devices. These include ensuring that all the expensive show pieces are wrapped and kept in the basement, removing all small objects from where the baby can access them and other such aspects.

    It is also important to understand that teaching safety tips to your child are also essential even though your home may be childproofed. As your baby grows older he will be visiting homes that may not be childproofed and therefore he will need to know how to handle such areas. This needs to be part of the natural learning process of a child as he grows.

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