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    TigerLady Self Defense
    Favorite Holiday Finds #8



    TigerLady Self Defense is a great tool to have handy anytime you are feeling unsafe or if you want to have an added sense of security.  This time of the year is a crazy time for many women (and men) who are out and about shopping for holiday gifts at all hours of the day and night.  Many times you are left to walk in dark parking lots and there are people who will scout the area and take advantage of women who may seem distracted.  It is always good to take notice of who is around you and pay special attention to the lighting where you park, but to have something to hold on to provides an extra boost of confidence.  


    I thought I would share this product because as a mom to a teenage girl, I am always checking and double checking on her and making sure she is as safe as she can be.  This is something so simple yet it can be a major game changer.  I’m not just talking about dark parking lots, I am talking about a simple walk through the park or on a well-known path.  Heck, it could be just walking down your sidewalk!  You just never know now days!  I would rather be safe than sorry, if you know what I mean!  That’s why when I saw this product I knew I had to check it out a bit further.




    I received this and instantly thought it was an amazing product because it is something that fits so nicely in your hand and it is super easy to “activate” (if that’s what you’d like to call it).  Basically you will just slide the strap onto your wrist, hold TigerLady in your hand (logo side up), and you’ll see, it fits perfectly that way.  Then all you have to do is squeeze it (making a fist) and the little cat like claws come out. It is small enough to put in your pocket or keep in your purse.  For just $29.00 it would also make a great gift for those runners, walkers, or any teen or adult that you care about.  You can even use it at a stocking stuffer!  Hey, safety is priceless in my book and that’s why it has made it on my Favorite Holiday Finds list!!


    Go check out for more information!




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