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    Lifestyle Change, Not a Diet!

    Lifestyle Change…Finding YOUR Perfect Exercise?


    What's Your Favorite Exercise



    I’m finally getting the hang of this whole “it’s a lifestyle” change and not a diet.  I signed up for Weight Watchers about 6 weeks ago.  I figured, I’d rather be in debt and alive than to be debt-free and dead.  Yeah, it’s a pretty blunt statement but at the time, that’s how I rationalized spending the money for this type of program.  I liked the support and I liked being held accountable for what I had done the week prior.  I decided it was basically do or die time and I didn’t really want to die.


    The first week I did really well, and the second went pretty good.  The third I struggled a bit more because I wanted to fall back into old habits and stress was eating me alive but I didn’t want to eat my stress, I wanted to learn and figure out how to deal with it on the daily.  It was a rough go at it, but I stuck it out and then it was “that time of the month” and again, I wanted to eat my way through it consuming every droplet of chocolate I could find.  I held back.  I did eat some…but not all the chocolate in the house.  I ended up gaining upon my 5th week weight in but I was ok with it because I knew what I did wrong.  I ate too much the day before my weigh in.  Eh, it happens, we’re human.  After my weigh in later that day, I ended up with a horrible stomach virus and I literally couldn’t eat for three days.  I had gotten to a point of losing 5 pounds but I knew that wasn’t healthy.  I would have taken it, but I knew I needed to force myself to eat something with substance after not eating for three days.  I took my son to Jimmy Johns and ate the Turkey Tom…yes, 8″ of sandwich goodness, WITH the mayo!  After that, I got right back on the tracking journey and tracked the rest of the week.  I ended up this past week being down another 2 pounds.  I wish I could have kept the 5 pounds off but it wasn’t realistic of me and as long as I didn’t gain, I would have been ok with losing .2, happily it was 2 pounds total, but still.  


    It’s been officially 6 weeks and I have lost 7.4 pounds.  My goal is 10 pounds so that I can get reimbursed the two months {according to their new promotion}.  That being said, I have to track track track the next two weeks and hopefully I can be down a full 10 pounds in two months.  If not, I’ll take whatever I lose at face value because I’m no longer carrying it around ON me!!


    At our last meeting we discussed exercise and what we like and what we don’t like.  I’m not a fan of exercise.  I never liked exercising.  When I was younger, I was just naturally thin.  Not anymore.  I have never liked exercising, even back then.  Not once.  I am not a runner.  Hate it.  I hate doing the stairs in my house.  Hate it.  I don’t really like exercising in front of people.  Hate it.  I remember loving spinning and pilates at one point in my younger years, prior to baby 3 (10+ years ago).  I remember playing hopscotch and jumping rope.  I remember playing (or trying to play) racquetball once or twice.  I remember liking swimming.  I remember the hula hoop.  I remember going on bike rides.  Have I ever really enjoyed any of them….not really.  So my goal this week is to find something, anything, that I like doing aside from blogging and sitting at my desk.  What do you enjoy doing that would count as exercise?  Any suggestions?  I need to find something to enhance my new lifestyle! 🙂









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    1. I’m not a fan of exercise either, but the benefits far outweigh my feelings toward it so I suck it up and get on with it. I’ve taken to walking outdoors as much as I can. At first I had to force myself to go, but now I actually look forward to it. I use it as ‘me time’…time to reflect on where I am going and what I am doing in life. Not to mention, when I go out in the late afternoons or early mornings, it is so peaceful and beautiful. Nature has this incredible power over me…it can ease and brighten any day.

      • You’re right. I need to learn how to just suck it up. I just hate it so much but finding something that I enjoy doing will make the process easier, but I guess until that happens, I’ll suck it up too! I know that when the exercising is all done and over, I do feel better {even for a short time} so all isn’t wasted. Ok, I’m going to get the bike down and go for a ride! 🙂

    2. It is so hard to stick with it, especially when you realize you can NEVER STOP. I dont care what people say, eating healthy is never something you can stop working on. I doubt I will ever wake up and say “Eww.. Ice cream.. why would I want that? I cant wait to eat salad!” ha! As far ask working out, I hate every workout too.

    3. I like the first comment on here I think I need to suck it up too cos I can eat ok really, in intolerant to a lot of foods so I’m in not real danger of eating all the pies and doughnuts 😉 but I really hate exercise I honestly wish I could pick one bit nothing excites me not even the walking idea! Maybe a bit of lazy there but also a bit of feeling that exercise is just really darn boring! From the twinkly Tuesday link up

    4. Exercise is certainly not top of my list either. We tend to go on long walks geocaching and before I know it we’ve walked 6 miles! It’s a fun way of getting those legs moving

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