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    Attention Backyard Adventurers

    Summer is approaching rather quickly and soon you will be hearing every parents dreaded statement… “Mom, I’m bored!”   With the products from the Backyard Safari Outfitters your child can imagine they are deep in the middle of a forest, or trying to out run a storm, or pretend to be a master explorer.  Where ever they imagine themselves, one thing is for sure, they will be having fun.  They are perfect for children 5 and up.  Mine is 7 and absolutely loves to explore and get dirty so these products were right up her alley!  All products are priced well too which makes me happy since I think we will have to go and see what other exploration tools we may need!

    Check out the 6-in-1 essential field tools set.  This neat little set will allow your excavator to dig with the mini field spade, pick up little critters with their field tongs, and call for help with their high-audible field safety whistle.  It also comes with a pop-up essential field guide that will provide knowledge about the world around them.

    Of course, no explorer would be complete without their essential field gear adventure kit!  This will provide your child with a rugged watertight case (we’ve tested it in the bathtub…it works), a retractable carabiner clip, a bright white LED mini lantern (it’s so cute, it’s my favorite), and a pop-up field guide that will provide your little explorer with essential exploring information.  All products are made to clip easily on to your field cargo vest!

    Now with storm season rapidly approaching, your little storm chaser can be in the know with his or her mobile weather pod.  It has a weather vane, anemoeter cups and a north, south, west, east direction ring, so when the wind is blowing, you’ll know!   It also has a compass, anemometer and thermometer readout so you can see what the wind speed and temperature really is at any given moment.  It has a detachable cup that is actually a water guage so when it rains, be sure to set that outside and let your weatherboy/weathergirl see how much rain fell after the storm has past.  It also comes with it’s own pop-up essential guide tat provides little storm chasers with 5 essential steps to storm chasing!  With their guide, they can see what kind of clouds are outside, and learn more about the different types of storms and weather situations.   We couldn’t wait to try it out…and living in the windy city, we knew it was working right away!

    With Summit Toys, your little one will not complain that they are bored, in fact, they will have so much fun imagining and exploring, they might even want to sleep outside, underneath all the stars in the sky!  (Just hope it doesn’t rain!)

    We did receive the above products to review and test.  Please see our disclosure policy for any further details.  Our words and opinions are ours and ours alone.



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